Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chris Berman: Still a jackass

ESPN's Chris Berman, in response to the release of a series of videos that depicted him virulently cursing at his staff, discussing the smuggling of drugs from Canada into the U.S., referencing the dear Al Michaels in a derogatory fashion, hitting on a helpless staffer, as well as other shenanigans, has offered the following:

''It's almost as if what we would fight against as a country -- the Soviets spying -- it's almost like that's what everyone is doing,'' Berman said by phone Wednesday. "What's said in the huddle, which is what I did, should be in the huddle. I'm disappointed people would think I'm not really good with the people I work with, which couldn't be further from the truth. Do I wish I didn't say a few things nine years ago? Yes. But if that's the worst thing I ever did, I can live with it.''

Let's go point by point:

1.) No one spied on you. A big blinking camera was pointed at your balding head, and you repeatedly acted like a jackass (the videos have been pulled just about everywhere, but if you try hard, you'll find them).

2.) You weren't in the huddle, but nice try with the sports analogy.

3.) You're disappointed people would think you weren't good with the people you work with? Well, I have seen five or six videos which establish you were a complete and utter prick. What, your excuse is that you're normally ... normal? That's like saying you shouldn't be blamed for punching your wife in the face because you only did it once. Also, I think you're lying: your coworkers probably continue to hate your guts.

4.) I'm glad you can live with it. But, if you expect us to believe that these are the only times you've behaved like a loon, we don't.


Anonymous said...

Dude no one needs you to blog about this. We all read Deadspin. Stick to fantasy sports please.

Bob Taylor said...

I'm so tempted to tell him to fuck off ... but he did say "please."

Then again, Mike, he also called you "Dude" ...

Mike Bock said...

Just keep the site hits coming.

Anonymous said...

No, you deserved it. I agree you shouldn't feed the blog echo chamber - give us stuff we aren't getting anywhere else. I've also got like 15 blogs showing me the same vids of Chris Berman. I also think it's ironic you're talking about telling one of your readers to fuck off for giving honest feedback on a post where you pile on someone for being a dick.

Bob Taylor said...

Turning serious for a moment, if you like some of the stuff we post here, then I'm glad. You may not like all of it. That's fine too.

Just keep in mind that if we post a wacky Chris Berman video, it's not taking away from the Hurler content you DO enjoy. You're not losing out on any serious fantasy content and analysis just because Mike got the weekend urge to jump on the Berman's-an-ass bandwagon.

Just skip over those posts if you don't like 'em. It's not like we run all that much sports gossip. Pretty much only happens in the off-season.