Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fantasy Hurler gets its own team tonight

Remember last week, when I took part in a mock draft for an e-zine that MVN is putting out this Tuesday? Well, that's turned into a full-fledged league populated by online fantasy writers, for which we will redraft teams this evening. (Some of the guys decided they'd do things differently if they knew we were playing for realzies ... hence the redraft.) Anyway, I'll be representing Fantasy Hurler as I go to battle against teams from such esteemed fantasy sites as Brock for Broglio, RotoNomics, RotoAuthority, Crooked Pitch, Fake Teams and more. Check back tomorrow for draft results and some musings on my team. In the meantime, here's our quickly-Photoshopped team logo:


Mike Bock said...

Remember, Santana over Peavy. Though I'd prefer you avoid pitching completely for the first three or four rounds, at least.

Bob Taylor said...

Hey, I bet a guy $10 and laid him 2-to-1 odds that Santana WON'T win the NL Cy Young this year. Money in the bank, baby!

Mike Bock said...

You mean you're getting 2-to-1, right?

Bob Taylor said...

You know that's not what I mean. Let the "Anyone But Santana in '08" campaign begin!

Anonymous said...

Where are you drafting? Can we watch?

Bob Taylor said...

Drafting now in Yahoo, and I think it's private. (Do they even give the option of watching drafts there?)

My first five picks in this 12-team league (from the 8th position):

1. Cabrera
2. Phillips
3. Morneau
4. Sabathia
5. Byrnes

Maybe reached a bit for Morneau in the third. He's more of a fourth-rounder.