Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day birthday greetings

Terrence Long (8th birthday)

As an A's fan I always liked T-Long, advanced metrics and ALDS flailings be damned.

He was miscast as a center fielder, regressed every year as a regular, and managed to bungle an entire postseason with a first-inning misplay (at right). And his last moment in green and gold was a soul-sucking backwards K to end the 2003 postseason for Oakland.

He may have deserved the 2000 ROY, he wore orthodontia as a big leaguer, and his top comp went from Magglio Ordonez to Ken Landreaux in four short years.

But the George Jefferson hairline-and-mustache combo remains an endless source of amusement.

Bill Long (12th birthday)

No evident relation to Terrence, Bill Long was a league-average swingman for the White Sox in the late 1980s.

He was a proud member of the last great set of baseball card mustaches, 1988 Donruss.

Justice demands more old-school mustaches on middle relievers. Note to MLB execs: A Finleyesque edict encouraging 'staches would bring actual excitement proportional to that attributed (in error) to interleague play.

Steve Mingori
(16th birthday)

Mingori was a professional reliever when such a label was pejorative, and was a key contributor to the solid '70s Kansas City contenders. Also mustachioed.

Seriously, could you imagine a 2008 bullpen that looks like the hirsute cast of an all-male porno flick? Add in the Papelbon or Jenks type who can't pull it off and claim to be "satisfied" with wispy molester liplickers, and you're looking at a PR slam dunk, Francine. Let's make this happen.

Al Rosen (21st birthday)

After a luminous career as an elite third baseman, Jewish sports pioneer, and successful MLB executive, Al Rosen is finally old enough to drink.


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