Monday, February 25, 2008

More thoughts on the Fantasy Bloggers League draft

While Mike and MVN's Edwin Van Bibber-Orr fight about whether Pujols should be a first-round pick, I thought I'd dig a little deeper into the Fantasy Bloggers League draft I took part in last night. Some more thoughts:
  • In a mock draft for MVN last week (which included, for the most part, the exact same group of guys), I ridiculously took Mark Teahen in the 15th round. Of course, I didn't realize how ridiculous it was until last night, when I drafted Teahen again, this time in the 24th round. Now I truly feel like an idiot.
  • Eric Byrnes went in the third round in MVN's mock draft. Yesterday, I got him in the fifth. If he can swipe 50 bags again, that's good value.
  • I took Geovany Soto in the 11th round of the mock draft. Last night, he went in the 10th. His value inches upward, and every league is going to have a manager who believes and perhaps over-spends on him.
  • Chris Carpenter went in round 24, perhaps a very smart move by Fantasy Baseball Mafia's Tony Bartlett who knew he could stash him in one of his two DL spots and not lose a roster space. Zach Piso of RotoNomics did the same thing with Kelvim Escobar. Don't forget to use your DL spots, kids.
  • In a write-up for the MVN mock draft (to be released tomorrow as part of their Fantasy '08 preview), I mention that I think Torii Hunter remains somewhat undervalued in fantasy ball and that I was pretty psyched to get him in the sixth round. Yesterday, David Chase from Brock for Broglio got him in the seventh (by autodraft, no less). Again, am I missing something here? Hunter contributed across all five categories last season, when he finished as fantasy's 30th most productive offensive player. Does everyone really think his stats will sharply decline just because he's 32, has a cushy new contract and wears an Angels uniform? 'Cause if he puts up numbers close to what he did in '07, Hunter will prove at least as valuable as guys like Derek Jeter, Derrek Lee and Lance Berkman, all of whom were drafted much earlier and are, incidentally, about the same age as Hunter.
  • Jason Bay, Andruw Jones and Vernon Wells were all taken in round nine, which I find interesting since those three were taken back-to-back-to-back with picks #27, #28 and #29 in my money league last year. Essentially, the trio's stock has fallen pretty much evenly after their piss-poor '07 seasons.
  • I approve of Wright before Hanley.
  • I took Adam Jones in the 16th round of the mock draft, and no one said anything about it. I figured I was the only one who feels good about his prospects in Baltimore. Then in the bloggers draft, he was snatched up in the 13th.
If you're enjoying reading about the Fantasy Bloggers League draft you may want to check out what Zach at RotoNomics is writing about it. He's got two excellent pieces detailing the first 13 rounds here and here.


Mike Bock said...

Where can I find the full draft?

Eric said...

You can see them here in the comments section