Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playometer: Lidge and Gordon

Cooling Off

On the heels of our draft guide that suggested Lidge was an undervalued closer coming into this year, we have a report that his surgically repaired right knee is now doing ... not so well. Surgery looks likely, and he's off the radar for Spring Training and probably the first few weeks of the season, at least.

This hurts his stock quite a bit. Adjust accordingly.

Heating Up

Correspondingly, Tom Gordon now has quite a bit more value. No one really expected a knee issue to knock Lidge out, so for you early birds who have already drafted, go grab Gordon and enjoy the first potential vulture closer of the year. Gordon has gone from undraftable to acceptable last-few-rounds fodder.

This injury is more about Lidge sinking than Gordon rising, though. I don't think Brett Myers is heading back to the pen. (They're not going to jerk with the guy again, are they?)

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