Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playometer: Scott Kazmir and Francisco Liriano

Sprayed by Liquid Nitrogen

The St. Petersburg Times reports the following, in regards to Scott Kazmir's left elbow issues:

Scott Kazmir is expected to rest for two weeks after being diagnosed with a left elbow strain. The MRI revealed no serious injury.

I don't care about the supposed MRI results unless I'm having my own expert witness take a look at them. The only thing I care about is "rest for two weeks." That tells me it's a real problem, not a twinge or an unexpected cramp. Anything else from a club or player's mouth should be taken with a gigantic mound of salt. How many times have clubs lied to us poor fantasy owners in the hopes of keeping ticket sales or interest high? Answer: 187,399 times. B.J. Ryan and Mark Prior last spring are two of the more notorious recent examples. Kazmir has gone from a fourth or fifth round pick in most leagues to being about a ninth round value ... though you'll probably still see him drafted between the sixth and eighth rounds. But not by any team I manage.

Heating Up

Francisco Liriano has been reported at numerous sites as being clocked in the mid 90s. Let's not forget that this guy was as good as Johan Santana, if not better, for quite a while a few years back. In mock drafts, I'm seeing his ADP climbing, sometimes as high as the ninth or tenth rounds. That's a bit of a reach considering this is his first year back from Tommy John surgery, but the fact that he looks healthy bumps his value more than a little. Don't be expecting to sneak him onto your team in round fifteen anymore.


Who We Are said...

Pitcher with arm trouble in spring training is, I'm guessing here, bad.

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