Friday, February 29, 2008

Poll Results: Jose's the man (after A-Rod, anyway)

Albert Pujols had built up an early lead in our poll asking who should be the second player taken overall in 2008 fantasy drafts, but after word leaked that surgery might be in the cards if he can no longer play through the right-elbow pain, voters abandoned the Cardinals first baseman and he fell all the way to last place. Meanwhile, in the Jose vs. Hanley debate, a majority of voters apparently feel as I do -- that Jose's the better bet even though Hanley posted the more impressive all-around stats last season. The full results:

Jose Reyes -- 28 (38.9%)
Hanley Ramirez -- 20 (27.8%)
David Wright -- 15 (20.8%)
Albert Pujols -- 9 (12.5%)

Thanks to everyone who voted. A new poll will be up shortly.

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