Friday, March 28, 2008

The AP profiles ... Matthew Berry?!

Matthew Berry, one-half of ESPN's two-headed fantasy monster (Karabell being the other), is the surprising subject of an AP profile today. Who knew fantasy experts could get their own news coverage, flashy glamour shot included? The most shocking thing about the profile is the revelation that Berry used to work as a Hollywood screenwriter and once toiled away crafting inspired, provocative dialogue for Al Bundy to say.

The profile piqued my curiosity into Berry's former career, and I quickly moved on to his IMDb page. Did you know Berry is responsible for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, the moving final chapter of the that's-not-a-knife trilogy? My hunger for more Berry info still unsatiated, I then jumped to his Wikipedia page, which, it turns out, is a mess. Wikipedia warns that "its neutrality is disputed," "it may contain ... unverifiable claims" and "its factual accuracy is disputed." Who knew the scope of Berry's life could result in so much Wiki-controversy?! Also, the last sentence of his Wikipedia page currently proclaims: "Matthew Berry is balding, not bald." Hmm, sounds like a self-edit to me.

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