Thursday, March 6, 2008

Confirmed: Pujols' elbow is fucked

The Cardinals' team doctor today confirmed that Albert Pujols has a "high-grade" tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. The doc also says that the tear will definitely require surgery at some point, the only question is when. Pujols, of course, wants to try to play through the pain this season, even through the tear is just one of his problems (though probably the biggest). He's also dealing with bone spurs and arthritis in that elbow.

I can't imagine what is driving this guy to not have surgery. It's my understanding that the injury can't get any worse by playing, which is why doctors have given him the go-ahead. But it's going to hurt like hell this season, and every month it's going to hurt more. If Pujols will inevitably need surgery, why not get it done now? (Or, more accurately, why not get it done this past off-season?) It's not like the Cardinals can compete for a World Series title this year with the weak-ass roster they have. (Unless the Cubs completely fall apart, and the Cardinals somehow win the weaker-ass NL Central.)

From a fantasy standpoint, I just don't see how anyone could feel comfortable drafting Pujols, not just in the first round, but in any early round. Do you want to use your 10th overall pick with a guy who you know has a severe tear in his elbow? Didn't think so. How about the 22nd overall pick? Yeah, me neither. All right, if he's still there at the beginning of the third, maybe you take a chance. But I bet you'd still feel shitty about it. Albert Pujols owners are going to have to take a deep breath every single time the guy swings the bat this year. The pain could get the best of him at any moment. Do you want to be the guy who has to live with that?


Mike Bock said...

Take that, Edwin Van Bibber Orr!

Mike Bock said...

Also, to paraphrase Shaquille O' Neal: "He was hurt on company time, why can't he undergo surgery and rehabilitate on company time?"