Saturday, March 29, 2008

Damn, I love me some old Cy Young winners

So I managed to finagle an actual evening of baseball viewing yesterday, despite a crying 3-month-old in the background. Dodgers/Red Sox, even in spring training, was pretty nice (particularly in high definition).

So, Bartolo Colon looked pretty good. He's fat and coming off an injury, but if fucking Yahoo had him available I might have added yet another DL'ed old pitcher. I'd have about nine starters by June. Of course, that might have been the half gallon of Live Oak Hefeweizen I was consuming at the time talking.

And Juan Pierre? He had a two-out, runners-on-second-and-third situation. A situation that any good hitter knows should result in a walk or a swing at a good pitch to hit. He tries to drag bunt and hits it too hard right at the first baseman. If it drops fair, no one probably would have scored. He basically surrendered the at-bat.

For the love of Zeus, Joe Torre, start Andre Ethier.

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Steve said...

Looks like your wish has been granted...