Monday, March 24, 2008

Draft Frenzy!

Well, I participated in my yearly draft consisting of my closest friends and perennial competitors we've picked up along the way. I think is the seventh year of the same league, and it's consistently a great league filled with hard-core, competitive owners. I haven't won it for two or three years now, which is irritating, but I blame Troy Glaus. You should have been great last year at shortstop, you son of a bitch!

In any event, here's my team (25 man rosters, 1350 IP limit, I picked tenth amongst 12 teams);

C Geovany Soto (16)
1B Prince Fielder (1)
2B Kelly Johnson (15)
3B Garret Atkins (3)
SS Orlando Cabrera (9)
CI Casey Blake (ugh) (20)
MI Bobby Crosby (vomit) (22)
LF Carl Crawford (2)
CF Corey Patterson (18)
RF Shane Victorino (8)
OFJeff Francoeur (10)
OF Adam Dunn (4)
UTIL Gary Matthews, Jr. (21)
Bench Jose Guillen (19)
Bench Akinori Iwamura (25)
Bench Mark Reynolds (23)

SP Cole Hamels (5)
SP Chris Young (the pitcher) (6)
SP Felix Hernandez (7)
SP Oliver Perez (13)
SP Randy Johnson (24)
RP Joakim Soria (11)
RP Matt Capps (12)
RP Brian Wilson (14)
RP C.J. Wilson (17)

I would say I really like my team. I wouldn't say I'm in love with it. Here's ten thoughts on my errors and glories:

1.) Atkins was a way-too-early selection. I panicked. It happens. I had a plan coming in: round out the infield and have one premier OF in the first five rounds, then focus on SPs, and don't take a RP until round 10+. Well, by round three, Aramis (who I really wanted) was gone, and I didn't think Atkins would make it back to me. I should have just waited and taken Zimmerman later. To make it worse, Brian Roberts, who I was debating taking, went immediately after. Oh well. I still like Atkins, I just could have probably had him in the next round.

2.) Kelly Johnson in round 15 is a straight-up theft. My leaguemates should be ashamed. Too bad he was supposed to be my sleeper MI, and not my starting second baseman. Not too happy with my middle infield in general, actually. I took Fielder instead of Rollins because I thought there was a shot that Rollins would make it back to me (I knew one of the two owners after me wasn't a big Rollins fan).

3.) I was planning on waiting for cheap power from Garko or LaRoche. Both went right before I would have taken them. Casey Blake is a good bench option due to his multi-eligibility, but I can't believe he's starting at CI for me. Hope that doesn't last.

4.) Bobby Crosby looks ugly at MI, but I'm actually waiting for Iwamura to gain 2B eligibility. At that point, he becomes a cheap source of MI stolen bases (in the last round!). Kind of like Kaz Matsui, but without the gaping wound in his asshole.

5.) I love my pitching staff, from top to bottom. Sure, all my starters were dinged or ineffective at various times last year, but I basically snagged every single SP who I foresaw having a significant increase in value in 2008 (except for Javier Vazquez). I'm really putting my prognostication abilities to the test. I also managed to snag the three closers who were atop my "undervalued" rankings coming into this year: Soria, Capps, and B. Wilson. They have lights-out stats, and I'm not a believer in the "good teams breed save chances" philosophy. K.C. led the league in save chances last year. Randy Johnson may give me 150 awesome innings as my number five starter.

6.) I finally snagged Soto in about my tenth draft this year. I missed on every single young OF I wanted.

7.) A buddy asked me to compare Brian Roberts and Carl Crawford based on last year's stats. I could do that, but it would make Roberts look more valuable, and Crawford less valuable, than they really are. That's because Crawford is four years younger and has a much better track record. Roberts jumped his career best 36 sbs in '06 to 50 in '07. Crawford's always above 50, and the power may come. Also, 10 to 20 points in batting average is nothing to sneeze at.

8.) I think my outfield and UTIL slots are sneaky awesome. They'll look even better when Guillen pushes Gary Matthews, Jr. to the waiver wire in week two. Victorino is Crawford-lite, Francoeur is due for a gigantic breakout (some of those doubles are turning into homers, he's put on 20 pounds of muscle), and Dunn supplies some much needed power. I am a little worried that my team is looking a bit anemic on the power side, mostly due to the lack of any HRs amongst my middle infielders and CI position. I'll be trying to address that, but I basically need Fielder and Dunn to combine for 85ish home runs.

9.) I need Dusty Baker to continue being an utter idiot and give Corey Patterson 500 lead-off at-bats. I am confident both will occur.

10.) Did I mention my MI and CI spots are a disaster right about now? Man, this league is brutal. My other two leagues didn't have nearly this level of competition. There were no Lackey-in-the-fourth-round blunders here. Kelly Johnson is the only real oversight I can think of.

*The fantasy owner in first position got royally screwed. He watched Carlos Lee and B.J. Upton go right before his second and third selections. He ended up with Berkman and V-Mart instead, which didn't console him very much. It was painful to watch.

**I have to add this random Juan Pierre-directed missile: you're batting .200 this spring with the most at-bats amongst all major leaguers. Andre Ethier is 25ish, he was better than you last year, and he's better than you now. You're in the second year of one of the worst contracts I've ever seen handed out in Major League Baseball, and you're going to be a lead weight around the Dodger's necks for years to come. That is all.


Anonymous said...

"I haven't won it for two or three years now, which is irritating," Shiiiiit. You finished tied for first place in 2003--five years ago.

waters96 said...

Is there a link, or could you post the entire draft. Hard to comment about what you did without seeing how the whole thing went.

Mike Bock said...

No way to link to a private Yahoo draft that I can tell.