Thursday, March 13, 2008

ESPN dares to contradict me

On Fantasy 3:50 today, one of ESPN's dipshit experts was going through a list of players he thought were either overvalued or undervalued depending on their current ADP. (I'd call out the guy personally, but it was some dude I rarely see on there -- not Berry or Karabell or any of the network's "fantasy superstars" -- and I forget his name.)

Anyway, the unnamed ESPN fantasy expert ignored my recent advice and proclaimed that Ichiro Suzuki is actually undervalued headed into this season. And if you think that took balls, he then went on to say that Ichiro should be drafted somewhere around 11th or 12th overall. The only way I can rationalize this is to assume the guy already has Ichiro on his fantasy team and wanted to throw some kind words the center fielder's way with the hope it would inspire him to finally get a hit this spring. (It worked!)

Of course, the alternative is that the unnamed ESPN fantasy expert actually thinks Suzuki should be drafted in front of guys like Alfonso Soriano, Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips and Carl Crawford. But that can't possibly be right ... can it?!


Hoodlumman said...

No, you're definitely in the right here, Bob.

The only way to justify Ichiro's in the first round is if the guy bats .400.

He doesn't hit for power and his steals are on a down trend.

rudygamble said...

aren't you more worried when ESPN agrees with you? :)

i've already got one post where i openly disagree with Mr. Berry....

but, jeez, i could at least justify the belief that you 'never pay for saves'. but an OF with below average HR/RBI and unreliable SB/AVG strengths at #11 or #12. ugh. he barely cracked my top 100...