Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fantasy Errata

Welcome to the first of our 2008 Fantasy Errata series, a daily collection of goings-on in the world of fantasy baseball. Since there's one game today, you can enjoy our column quite a bit earlier than you'll normally see it.

-- I drafted in my two money leagues this weekend, and thankfully I didn't end up with Adrian Beltre in either of them (though I was tempted at numerous times). Then I read this:

Adrian Beltre said Monday that he plans to play through pain despite a wrist injury that hasn't improved since last season. Beltre has been diagnosed with a torn ligament, but didn't find out until December and decided against surgery. Beltre is hitting .326 this spring, but has just one homer and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer speculates that the injury could sap some of his power. "It hurts to hold the bat, it hurts every time," Beltre said. "There's always pain."

That's just fucking great for Beltre owners. Couldn't have he have whined about this before spring training?

-- Brian Roberts is taking a few days off. He supposedly received a back injection to ease the pain. At first I figured he was being traded and they didn't want to risk an injury, but Baltimore wouldn't lie about an injection. (Would they?) Considering that Roberts' 10 home runs only make him a premier pick when paired with 40+ stolen bases, rather than 20+, I'd be a little concerned.

-- I've always been a big Huston Street fan based on his peripherals, but he sure seems to blow a lot of saves.

-- Please, god, let there be footage on YouTube of Manny posing at home plate while the ball caroms off the wall for a double. I can't wait for SportsCenter.

-- Remember to use your DL list. Sure, you'll be dropping a late-round speculation pick, but there's no reason not to stash Wily Mo Pena, Moises Alou, Curt Schilling, etc. around for a rainy day. You can always pick up a new rookie scrub on the waiver wire.

-- Tom Gordon went undrafted in way too many leagues. It's basically three or four free saves, people! Unless you have four closers, grab him until Lidge gets back.

-- Saltalamacchia is getting cut all over the place. In large-roster leagues where people simply can't afford to carry around non-rostered players, it makes some sense, but I would wait until the last moment to cut a guy like that.

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Bob Taylor said...

As I've already remarked to friends three different times today: What, you want Manny to start playing hard now?!