Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fantasy Errata

Well, this will be the last Fantasy Errata column for a few days, now that this wacky Japanese excursion is winding down.

-- Emil Brown had himself a heck of a series, didn't he? Today he hits a three-run homer to seal the game. Yesterday, he doubled in a run in the 10th off Jonathan Papelbon, then gets thrown out at third because he somehow thought that the ball would be going home. (It wasn't.) Emil Brown was probably looked at in deep or AL-only leagues last year, but he's barely a blip on the radar anymore. The Royals non-tendered him and the A's gave him a itsy-bitsy contract to hit lefties and provide outfield depth. (His OPS against righties is absolutely brutal.) Emil seems to have realized that his career is hanging by a thread, and he's going to do everything he can in 2008. Does this mean he suddenly becomes fantasy relevant? No. I can't imagine he's going to steal too many at-bats from players such as Cust, but who wouldn't root for Emil to salvage his career? Except perhaps for that reporter he shot in the eye with a pellet gun last season.

-- You wish you'd speculated on Rich Harden, didn't you? Nine Ks in six innings? No signs of ill health? Well, there's still a long way to go before Rich Harden starts 25+ games. Want the over or under on 20?

-- I kind of hoped some scrub would hit three homers over two days, or garner back-to-back wins, and turn into a microscopic last-round sleeper for wacky leagues who haven't drafted yet and have retroactive stats. Didn't happen.

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