Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well, it's a bit early for our Fodder/Flotsam series to commence, considering that the season thus far has consisted of two oddball games over in Japan. Nevertheless, let's take a look at guys to think about ditching and players who should probably be picked up.


Well, this basically consists of a whole bunch of injured and demoted players. If you're in a league with large rosters and limited bench spots, it's real tough to hold on to players like Josh Fields, Cameron Maybin, Evan Longoria, or Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Real tough. I'm not even going to bother naming the starters: if he's in the minors, and you're not in a dynasty league with lots of reserve slots, cut any starter who isn't in the majors. Guys like Homer Bailey are worthless at this point.

The problem with keeping guys like Longoria, regardless of talent, is that they're quietly eating away at your games played and at-bats. Players are going to unexpectedly miss games here or there, and it's imperative you plug in decent bench players. Otherwise you finish the year missing five to 15 games at every position. This can result in the equivalent of playing with one less starter (if you're behind in enough games). It is very, very difficult to correct this problem once it starts snowballing. Unless your league has a ton of bench spots, you've got to bite the bullet, curse the baseball gods, and start looking for replacements. If Longoria or Fields was your starting 3B, the pickings are probably looking pretty slim.


Well, if you were counting on Longoria or Fields, check and see if Ty Wigginton (may be good for 25/100 in that lineup and ballpark) or Casey Blake (dependable) are available.

If you don't have one player on your bench who might steal 30 bases this year, you need to get on that. Punch up your available player list and find one. He should be slotted in periodically when other players get days off. Your goal is to get 10 to 15 stolen bases painlessly. Guys like Kaz Matsui, Jerry Owens, Joey Gathright, Felipe Lopez (he's way too talented for the crap in Washington to continue) ... you get the idea.

If your league has four or five OF slots and Franklin Gutierrez wasn't drafted, go grab him. He locked down the Cleveland RF job and may end up with a 20/15 season. He'll probably be on the "most added" list of many leagues quite soon.

For you NL-only players, Justin Germano locked down the fifth spot in San Diego. Every San Diego starter needs to be on someone's team in NL only leagues, for the spot starts alone, if nothing else.

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