Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Cantu!

Anyone else notice that Jorge Cantu has basically locked down the Florida Marlins third base job? And that he'll have 1B eligibility, and maybe 2B eligibility, throughout the season? And that's he's only 26 and merely two seasons removed from a monstrous campaign (for a second baseman, anyway)?

Well, check him out. He's the ideal waiver-wire candidate. Maybe he figured out whatever was wrong with him. Or maybe he's taking the same magic juice that Carlos Pena enjoyed last year, but for whatever reason he's absolutely crushing it in spring training.

Now, if only Yahoo could be so kind as to add him to the available players pool ...


Anonymous said...

Would you pick up Cantu in favor of Dukes? Seems like Dukes has more underlying raw talent, but Cantu certainly has more momentum right now (and some track record).

Mike Bock said...

Well, your particular roster needs may skew the analysis, but it's hard to imagine a situation in which a 1B/3B eligible player coming off a monster spring, and with one very good year on his resume, wouldn't be more valuable than Dukes. While it's been a while, Cantu has succeeded on the major league level: Dukes never has.

Also, Dukes may be basically keeping the OF warm for the quickly healing Wily Mo Pena. Unless he implodes, Cantu has the job all year.

Unless your league is crazy shallow in OF, you've got to go with Cantu. Even if everything was equal (which it's not), you'd still prefer a multi-positional player on your bench.

Mike Bock said...

I really knocked this motherfucker out of the park!