Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'll go to Japan for $40K

So the Red Sox threw a hissy fit today when they found out their team's coaches and staff wouldn't be given the $40,000 stipend MLB promised them for opening up their season against Oakland in Japan next week. They held up their exhibition game for an hour and threatened to skip the trip to the Far East altogether. Whatever, I could care less.

But I do have to ask: Why the fuck do Terry Francona and his underlings need forty-freaking-thousand dollars for a week in Japan? That's a lot of money for used schoolgirl panties. Or pornographic videogames. Or a stack of traditional Japanese magazines. Or as many Hello Kitty products as you can get your hands on. (Not that there's anything wrong with buying any of that stuff. Except the Hello Kitty products -- that's just sick.)

Don't the Red Sox as a franchise already have enough money? How about Major League Baseball give the Red Sox staff members a still-absurd-but-more-reasonable $10,000 for the trip, then take the difference and offer it to the Pirates to put toward their payroll? That's sounds like a better use of league funds to me.

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