Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kazmir: Extends long toss ability!

Yay! He's up to 120 feet! He may throw off a mound in early April!

For all of you out there who believed the Tampa Bay [no longer Devil] Rays, shame on you. Expect the Tommy John announcement any day now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, as much as I respect your knowledge and fantasy experience, I do think your attitude towards drafting top pitchers is a bit overblown.. If Kaz misses a start or two, but goes on to start 30+ games, I think he's still worth a decently high pick. Same goes for Beckett, etc. We all understand the risk with well-used pitchers, but they can be quite valuable.

Should we also be spewing out contempt for those who picked on Curtis Granderson or Chone Figgins? They're not expected to miss much time, either.

Mike Bock said...

An injury to a pitcher's throwing elbow or shoulder is a completely different kettle of fish as compared to a center fielder's broken finger.

Drafting pitchers early is a risky, risky endeavor. This is why you typically see the first three to four rounds of fantasy drafts dominated by hitters.

If I'm harping on Kazmir, it's because I'm tired of old school baseball attitudes ruining young pitchers.

Kazmir led the major leagues in pitches thrown at a very, very young age (I think he was above 3900 pitches for the season -- to put this in perspective, only five or six pitchers topped 3500, and on a yearly basis normally only three or four guys do it). If we see 30 starts from him, that's great and I'll have to eat a little crow, but even if he gets back on track immediately he's probably going to miss all of April.

Fantasy Sports PT said...

Mike is right here. You simply cannot use an early round draft pick on a starting pitcher with considerable "mileage" such as Kazmir, Lackey, Harang, etc.

Just like a vehicle, humans can break down too with overuse and huge "mileage."

In addition, Kazmir is particularly vulnerable to elbow problems due to his pitching mechanics. Check out my blog postings on him and you'll see why I cross him off each and every one of my draft lists - not just this year, but every year.

Fantasy Sports PT said...

Not only that, but I highly doubt Kazmir will make 30 starts this season. The way his elbow is responding to a gradual throwing program thus far, I'd be shocked to see him log 20 games started.

And even more shocked if his elbow injury isn't more serious than they've been letting on.

Mike Bock said...

I see a Tommy John announcement in near future.