Friday, March 28, 2008

Mark Prior is all mine!

Now that he's on the DL, I swiped out Crosby for Yuniesky Betancourt (went from 28 doubles to 38 doubles in his second year in the league ... maybe a 12/12 SS with a .300 average?) and picked up Mark Prior in the process. Crosby was only on my team so I'd have someone to root for in the A's/Red Sox series.

Currently on my DL: Curt Schilling and Mark Prior. Soon to be joined by Randy Johnson. That was one hell of a pitching staff five or six years ago, eh? I expect nothing from Prior. Nothing. But it is amusing to see him lingering in one of my DL spots.

I'm hoping he, Schilling, and Johnson combine for 200 decent innings. I don't care who contributes what.


Anonymous said...

and Congrats on lousville over tennesee, just a great day all around for you huh?

Mike Bock said...

Ummm.....I had tennessee over louisville in my bracket. But thanks!