Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Notepad scribbles

I have a notepad laying on my desk that I use to jot down random fantasy baseball snippets. I, of course, use the last pages rather than the first few, to avoid prying eyes. Here's a few of them:

-- Cameron Maybin, Adam Jones, Franklin Gutierrez (Cleveland Indians, 15/15+ candidate), Billy Butler, Michael Bourn, and Lastings Milledge acceptable for OF/UTIL in deep leagues. I'd rather have them than Andruw Jones or Juan Pierre for projected draft value. Don't take any non-elite OFs early.

-- Javier Vazquez/most undervalued SP? Bobby Jenks/most undervalued familiar RP?

-- Many closers are tougher to identify in mid-February versus mid-March. Remind Bob.

-- Derrick Turnbow, Borowski's backup, and Todd Jones's backup likely more valuable than their teams' respective closers. Write an article about this.

-- Who is Johnny Cueto?

-- Carlos Pena is on fire. Acceptable CI power available in mid-late rounds? Elite MIs dominate first two rounds.

There you go. That's basically a window into my meticulous fantasy research strategy (when I'm not re-ordering spreadsheets).

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