Sunday, March 23, 2008

Notes from a fantasy league draft

You know how Mike & Mike have their "Sheets of Integrity" for March Madness? My fantasy baseball money league is kind of like that. It's a 14-team 5x5 league (using OBP instead of average), the outcome of which largely determines how successful my fantasy season was. I could win every other fantasy league I play in, but if I finish poorly in my money league, I will not remember the year fondly.

Anyway, we had our draft Friday night. It was a "semi-live" event this year, meaning we drafted on Yahoo, but eight of us drafted together, all using laptops in the back room of a nearby bar. These are some of the interesting things that happened sometime between by first Jager Bomb ... and my seventh:

-- The first five picks were ridiculous, unpredictable or maybe just ridiculously unpredictable, and somehow, someway I ended up with Jose Reyes sixth overall. (Which, as long-time readers of this site will know, had me convinced I had died and gone to fantasy-baseball heaven.) Here's how it went down: 1. A-Rod 2. Wright 3. Santana 4. Hanley 5. Holliday 6. Reyes.

-- I didn't even think most of the guys in my league read this site all that often, but could it be just coincidence that shortly after I wrote this post, Ichiro fell all the way to the end of the fourth round (54th overall)? I think not! (By the way, that's about where the guy should be picked, especially in a league that uses OBP instead of average. We're a smart bunch.)

-- Pujols went with the fourth pick of the second round, 18th overall.

-- The guy picking around the turn took David Ortiz at #14 and Prince Fielder at #15. Hmm, interesting and unconventional.

-- Webb was our third pitcher selected, and there was a smaller gap between Peavy and Webb than there was Webb and Bedard.

-- I was absolutely committed to getting Geovany Soto in this league, and perhaps took him too early: eighth round, 107th overall.

-- My five-man starting rotation is horrendous: James Shields (seventh round); Oliver Perez (10th); Clay Buchholz (11th); Shaun Marcum (14th); and Boof Bonser (19th). I thought I'd have no problem getting Scott Baker and Jeremy Guthrie in later rounds, but they were both snatched from me. I will be diligently combing the waiver wire early and often for up-and-coming, overlooked and underrated starting pitchers.

-- Lastly, and I think I can blame this on the amount of alcohol consumed during the evening, I ended up with five rookies on my team. FIVE! Count 'em: Soto, Buchholz, Joey Votto, Adam Jones and Cameron Maybin. I like jumping on new talent, but I think this might have been pushing it.

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waters96 said...

I love your team. I don't think there's anything wrong with your staff. It's good enough to start with, plus, you've got positive performers on the waiver wire whose identity is not known to anyone yet. You'll do just fine.