Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Playometer: Corey and the Bruce

Heating Up

No doubt emboldened by our somewhat glowing review of Corey Patterson, considering that he was a free agent at the time, Cincinnati Reds management has picked up the on-base-percentage-shunning speedster. Hey, he may have horrible tools for a Major Leaguer, but roughly 80 steals over the last two seasons in limited time ain't no joke. The Reds now have four guys battling for one spot. One of them is better suited as a utility player (Ryan Freel), one made the big leagues in his late 20s, seems destined for journeyman status and has a moniker consisting of the last names of famous actors from the seventies (Norris Hopper), and the other is Jay Bruce.

Who's Jay Bruce, you ask? Only the 2007 minor league player of the year. He shredded multiple levels of minor league ball, including Triple A, and ended up with 26 home runs in 521 at-bats. And he's only 20! Of course you want this guy at the major league level ASAP, right? Well, not in the modern era where you want to let guys simmer in the minors so their free-agent years remain far off in the horizon. I doubt the Reds acquired Patterson to have him sit on the bench. Particularly when he is so eminently suited to Dusty Baker's moronic "don't clog up the bases" playing philosophy.

Cooling Off

Well, I guess I'll file Jay Bruce's name away for 2009. He was going to feature in my upcoming "Rookies to Watch" article. Now I'm so depressed I may just scrap the entire idea and post another Matt LeCroy retrospective instead. Bruce has been compared to Larry Walker, a player who in his prime had fantasy players salivating all over their keyboards for reasons other than his dashing Canadian ruggedness.

I just can't help but think that Dusty Baker is entirely responsible for this deal. He continuously batted Corey Patterson at the top of the Cubs lineup despite his putrid OBP, and allowed Neifi Perez to occupy a similar spot for the Giants whilst he compiled the worst career of all time for a player with more than 5000 at-bats. I'm not going to do the legwork to prove that to you, but it's true.

God, please let Cincinnati acquire Neifi so that he can sub in for Alex Gonzalez. Even though Neifi's been suspended for a hundred or so games. Please.

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Who We Are said...

Grady and Tracy were awful managers that everyone seemed to know were bad. Dusty doesn't get his proper desserts in how awful he is. Guarantee Harang pitches into the 130 pitch count at least three times this year.