Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sox/A's: Game one winners and losers

Stats are on the board, people! What place are you in after game one of the '08 fantasy season? It could depend on which of the below names are on your roster. Here are the fantasy winners and losers from this morning's Sox/A's game:


Manny Ramirez owners -- Did you see he was awarded our first-ever Line of the Day? His four RBIs will likely have you leading in that category.

Hideki Okajima owners -- Whether you own him in a league that uses middle relievers or you just picked him for these two games, you lucked into the first win of the MLB season.

Managers who picked up Mark Ellis for this week only -- You know, managers like ME. Thanks for the early home run, Mark!


Huston Street owners -- A loss, a blown save, three hits, a walk, and a 16.20 ERA to start the season. Just ugly.

J.D. Drew owners -- The Sox slugger was scratched right before game time thanks to an ailing back and was replaced by Brandon Moss, who then went on to post two hits, two RBI, a run and a round-tripper.

Baseball fundamentalists -- Who else was wincing when Emil Brown, showing some questionable baserunning skills that he must have picked up during his stint in Pittsburgh, assumed that throw in the 10th was headed home and tried to stretch his double into three bases? Stupid, stupid, stupid. He made a lot of Papelbon owners happy, though.

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