Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yahoo having custom team logo problems?

Today I signed up my third and final fantasy team from for the 2008 season. All three are on Yahoo -- two free private leagues and one Yahoo Plus private league. The team I registered today was in a free league, and when I went to select a custom team logo, it wouldn't properly display. Instead the custom logo from my other free league was showing up. Interesting, I thought. Perhaps you're only allowed to use one custom team logo for all your free-league teams. Except, then I tried to change the team logos on both of my free-league teams. No go. Then I tried to change the team logo on my Plus-league team, which has always been a different graphic entirely. Also a no go. End result: Methinks Yahoo's custom-team-logo feature is on the fritz. Which is too bad since I think it's the site's best new addition this year.

Yeah, I'm easy to please. And I also get worked up when I want my logo to be this for one league ...

And this for the other ...

Three hours later, things seem to be working better. I can now change my logo. However, my initial fear has been proven correct. You can only have one custom team logo for all your free-league teams. That's a bummer.

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