Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Alex Rodriguez to play shortstop?

Looks like L. Lirpa may have been on to something, but for a different reason. Jeter's quad injury has opened a hole at shortstop ... particularly if he needs to miss more than a week. Originally, Wilson Betemit (whose natural position is not shortstop) was projected to slot in, but when asked whether A-Rod would move to short, Joe Girardi surprisingly did not reject the notion.

Hmm, maybe they want to get Morgan Ensberg or Betemit at-bats at third base? Maybe they don't think either can play the position defensively. (Of course, neither can Jeter.) In any event, the thinking in blogland is that Jeter wouldn't be happy with the move, so the Yankees probably won't do it.

Think about that: the Yankees wouldn't make the sensible move because it might hurt Jeter's feelings. Unbelievable. Everybody with a pair of eyes would probably realize that A-Rod could play the position at a higher level than Captain Amazing. (He hasn't bulked up that much).Jeter at this point should be playing second base or maybe center field.

If Jeter had changed positions a few years ago, who knows? Maybe the Yankees would actually have won a World Series since he followed Paul O'Neill as Captain. A SS-eligible A-Rod is borderline unfair.

In other shortstop news, Jimmy Rollins was just pulled from the Philly/Mets game with an apparent leg injury. If you were sitting on that Rollins-for-Hanley trade offer, accept now!

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