Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Andruw Jones's season summed up perfectly

How great is this Yahoo innings summary?

- R. Furcal reached on bunt single to first
- R. Martin singled to second, R. Furcal to third
- M. Kemp singled to left, R. Furcal scored, R. Martin to second
- J. Kent singled to right, R. Martin scored, M. Kemp to third, J. Kent to second
- J. Loney hit sacrifice fly to left, M. Kemp scored
- A. Jones struck out looking
- N. Garciaparra walked
- J. Kent to third, N. Garciaparra to second on wild pitch
- J. Pierre reached on bunt single to first, J. Kent scored, N. Garciaparra to third
- Brad Penny: TBD

Fat Andruw, you suck. You were the only position player to not help your team ... at all. Heck, you didn't even try. Also, your first word at my annual spelling bee is ... Andrew. That's right, spell your name correctly.


David said...

I always wondered about the spelling of his name. I mean, even if that was something you were born with, wouldn't you have it changed after-the-fact?

Bob Taylor said...

I have Paul Maholm pitching in this game in both my money league and my bloggers league and am now sitting in my corner weeping gently over the keys of my laptop. Thank god Fox Sports Pittsburgh isn't televising this game, or I may have destroyed my TV by now.

I was poised to pick up some serious points in my bloggers league today with Sabathia, Maine, Shields and Maholm all starting. Instead, at the moment, I have a 10.19 ERA and 2.26 WHIP on the day. I fucking hate playing this game.

David said...