Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A triple pack of Ask the Hurler!

Derek asks (prior to Cueto's last outing):

I was offered Cueto for Swisher and Kuroda for Milledge... I'm leaning toward doing the Kuroda one but was wondering whether I should counter for Cueto. I have a ton of OF guys already and have Granderson and Cameron coming back later in the month and will be benching Milledge anyway. I would be getting rid of Bronson Arroyo in favor of Kuroda or Cueto.

Mike Bock responds:

You took Swisher in the eighth round. He had a down year last year but may rebound (or are you pissed he's batting lead off?). Would you have taken Cueto in the eighth round? Probably not. I wouldn't do it. Cueto's value will never be higher, and he's a flyball pitcher in a flyball park.

Milledge for Kuroda seems like a good deal. At some point, Milledge may lose time to Wily Mo Pena or Elijah Dukes (the Nats have about six OFs, it seems). These Japanese guys often dominate for at least half a year (Daisuke Matsusaka) or, if they have funky deliveries, for a long time (Hideo Nomo, Takashi Saito). Kuroda's moderately funky. I think he's a good bet through the All-Star Break.

I'd do the Milledge trade immediately. It's not like you're going to be playing Milledge in the near future; in fact, he should probably be riding your pine within the next few days. Kuroda, on the other hand, will at the very least start all year for you at PETCO and Dodger stadium, and against the Giants.

Mike asks:

I'm in a weird 7x6 yahoo keeper league - 12-man standard 5x5 plus PBP, slugging and holds. Ferociously competitive. One of the neat little tricks that can be done is to pick up a reliever you can leave in a SP slot. I think Anthony Reyes might be that guy - he's coming out of the pen for the Cards, is listed as an SP, and has picked up a couple holds already.

I wonder if you think he'd be worth picking up and having in that slot, considering the following data points: (a) I'd be dropping Franklin Guttierez or Aaron Rowand (my outfield can afford the loss); and (b) the rest of my pitching staff is fairly solid: Webb, Cain, Lincecum, Greinke, Harden, Lowe are my starters, K-Rod, Street, C.J. Wilson at closer, and Joba and Broxton at MR (I just traded Rauch and Soria). My two real questions are whether you think he'll continue in that setup role, and if so, whether you think he'll kill my era and whip?

Mike Bock responds:

One thing I'd like to know is the innings maximum. If it's a reasonable amount (1250-1500), I'm not so sure you'd want to waste innings on a middle reliever. It's not as though Reyes is going to act as a fifth closer. With the loss of Harden and the lack of wins from Cain and Lincecum, I think you're better off trying to rotate in a sixth starter with favorable matchups (think, San Diego pitchers at home). I don't see Reyes moving into a closer role anytime soon, and even more so, I'm not sure he's an effective pitcher. Sure, failed starters sometimes make good relieves, but he hasn't done it yet. I'd pass.

David asks:

I recently read Mr. Bock's post about trying to go out and get C.C. Sabathia while his value is down. In one of my leagues, however, I am having a hard time coming up with a proposal. As such, I was hoping either you or he might give me some advice.

The league is a 7 x 8 (R, HR, RBI, SB, K, AVG, OPS x W, L, SV, BB, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP) with a head-to-head scoring configuration and 10 teams. We're also allowed to keep 3 "A-List" keepers and 3 "B-List" keepers (indicated by *) every year.

Here is my team:
(C) J. Mauer; G. Soto*
(1B) D. Lee; R. Garko
(2B) D. Uggla
(3B) M. Cabrera
(SS) M. Young
(LF) C. Lee
(CF) T. Hunter*; C. Gomez
(RF) M. Ordonez; K. Fukudome*
(U) J. Thome*
(SP) R. Halladay; Jered Weaver*; T. Lilly*; R. Hill; E. Volquez*; C. Buchholz*
(RP) J. Isringhausen*; K. Wood*; C. Marmol*
(DL) B.J. Ryan*

Here is the team with Mr. Sabathia:
(C) B. McCann
(1B) T. Helton; N. Johnson*; C. Jackson*
(2B) R. Cano*; D. Pedroia*
(3B) C. Jones
(SS) D. Jeter
(LF) L. Milledge*; Adam Jones*
(CF) G. Sizemore
(RF) B. Hawpe*; M. Kemp*; J. Hermida*
(SP) A. Harang; A.J. Burnett*; Hiroki Kuroda; I. Snell*; C.C. Sabathia
(RP) H. Street; M. Rivera
(DL) R. Johnson*; S. Kazmir; Y. Gallardo*

Mike Bock responds:

I love the "Mr. Bock"! Awesome!

First off, your team looks awfully deficient in Ks. Sabathia would be an upgrade over everybody on your roster except Halladay (who has very good "walk" numbers) and maybe Jered Weaver.

Your opponent has Sabathia, is probably sick of him, and doesn't necessarily need the Ks. His offense looks pretty bad just about everywhere, whether it's injured players (Jeter), slumping players (Cano, Adam Jones), or mismanaged players (Matt Kemp).

I'd offer him the choice of any of your non-Halladay, non-Weaver pitchers and Garko. Garko's having a pretty good year, and he's wasted on your bench. But he'd start at UTIL for the Sabathia owner.

It's a win/win for both teams. He gets to no longer look at Sabathia, you can enjoy Sabathia's probable resurgence, and he can stop playing his putrid CI options at UTIL and instead play Garko. It's not as though Derrek Lee is at the end of the road: you'd probably be keeping him and playing him for the next few years.

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David said...

Thank you kindly for the friendly advice, Mr. Bock. I pitched C.C. Sabathia's owner an offer for him in exchange for Ryan Garko and Clay Buchholz (both are "B-List" eligible keepers). I'm still waiting to hear back from him. In the meantime, however, I did take your advice and acquired Prince Fielder. I ended up exchanging Derek Lee for him in a one-for-one deal. Here's to hoping the good Prince turns things around soon.