Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ask the Hurler: Hamilton for Myers?

Loyal reader Don Ford, despite being burned by us on the Chris Young v. Michael Bourn roster dilemma, has another question:

Do you guys think there is any chance the Phillies will move Brett Myers back to closer? I am looking to add an SP on my roto team, and I thinking about trading Josh Hamilton for Brett Myers. Is that a good deal for me?

I think the Phillies will do everything possible to avoid moving Myers back to closer. Haven't they jerked with him enough? Brad Lidge probably will be back soon anyway (whether he'll stay back or be effective is another question).

Meanwhile, Hamilton is a solid contributor who was undervalued coming into these drafts. I'd keep him and scour the free agent wire for an SP. I basically never trade hitters for pitchers unless I'm getting a premier stud, and Myers is far from that.

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Don Ford said...

That sounds about right. I've alot of good hitters in my big money league but thats never a bad thing.

Thanks for the guidance!