Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bannister makes the Tigers lineup look like overpaid chumps

The same day that USA Today runs a story about how the highly-paid Tigers lineup is now in the same league as the Yankees and Red Sox, KC starter Brian Bannister posts a seven-inning, two-hit, no-walk line against mighty Detroit. The two hits were wussy singles by Edgar Renteria. I hope Jimmy Leyland brought an extra pack of smokes to the park today.


Don Ford said...

This is off topic but important, I have the #1 waiver spot in my league, should I use it to add Johhny Cueto tomorrow?

He doesn't clear waivers til Friday so I can wait and see how he looks tomorrow first. What kind of projection do you guys have for him?

Mike Bock said...

He's a rookie pitcher with basically no MLB track record. That's really all I need to say. How often do starters come out and dominate?

Don Ford said...

Thats true. If I'm patient mabee I can pickup someone better later in the year with that #1 waiver spot.