Friday, April 18, 2008

Chris "Overused" Young

Chris Young's start is being pushed back a day due to "soreness behind his pitching elbow." He apparently was experiencing this discomfort during his seven-run shellacking by the Dodgers. Thanks for letting your manager know before you destroyed my team ERA.

Perhaps the fact that he was left in for 112 and 115 pitches in his first two starts, in fairly cold conditions, has something to do with this. For a pitcher who's building up strength in a 6'10" frame and missed time last season to be used in such a manner in early April borders on criminal negligence.

I own him in every league (yes, every league) and am officially worried, despite his declaring himself "pain free" during a recent bullpen session.


Benjamin said...

I have Young in my 14-team 5x5mixed league. I'd like to unload him, and I may be able to pull off a Young plus Cueto/Volquez for Hafner deal. Hafner could take over for C Quentin in my Util spot, and I'd still be left with Lincecum, Vazquez, whichever of the Reds Twins I don't trade and a smattering of others (Harden, Wolf, G. Smith). I'm pretty proud of having spotted Quentin a couple of weeks ago and have been pleased with the production so far, but I'd like to get a more sure thing in there.

Which leads to 2 questions for the Hurler:

1) What do you think of this move in general?

2) Which of the Reds Twins would you want to keep?

For more context, I'm currently in first place by a decent margin, but it has come from some pretty unexpected performances (M Jacobs, C Jones, the Reds Twins). So I'm not desperate or anything, but I'd love to make a consolidation move.

Mike Bock said...

That's two pitchers for one UTIL slot ... that's a pretty hefty sum, particularly when it moves Quentin to your bench (why bother grabbing up and comers if you're not going to play them?).

Lincecum, Vazquez, Wolf, and Harden (??) are not a foursome I'd want to spend the entire year with.

I wouldn't do it. It's a good deal on paper, but not with your particular team. You'd be left with one SP who may pitch lights out and not win 10 games (Lincecum), one who won't pitch 150 innings (Wolf), and one who probably won't pitch 100 (Harden).

Don't get me wrong, I loved Chris Young coming into the year, I just don't know what the fuck Bud Black's problem is in terms of overusing him.

Mike Bock said...

I don't know why, but I completely missed the Volquez part of your question.

I wouldn't even think of doing it for Cueto. Volquez ... you know what, that sounds tempting. Call it a coin flip. You should make him take Quentin and give you a relief pitcher, or something.

Benjamin said...

Thanks. Good to have another pair of eyes. I'm just at bit antsy dominating my league so far. New for me to be doing well this early. Typically, half my team underperforms for the first month or two, and I'm just trying to claw my way to the top-third of the league by the All-Star break. Then I make a major run in the second half and finish in the top 3 (won it last year). Along the way, I groom a few studs from my last picks or the waiver wire and cash them in to fill big holes. This year, I don't have the big holes yet, so I have to remind myself to be patient.