Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fantasy baseball makes you smarter, part II

Way back in July 2007, I wrote an article about the ways in which playing fantasy baseball sharpens and hones your gray matter.

To recap:

1.) You become better at recognizing important information

2.) You will cease to be impressed by media hype

3.) You will become increasingly detail oriented

4.) Your patience for intricate tasks will increase

5.) The number and strength of your affiliations with particular organizations will decrease

I'm adding one more to the list. I'm not completely sure it falls within the umbrella of "smarter," but playing fantasy baseball will definitely result in your being unable to listen to 90+% of baseball announcers. It's been building for a while now, but this year, I've reached critical mass. Whether it's Rex Hudler claiming that "Mike Scioscia will take a .147 average from Maicer Izturis so long as he plays defense like that," or Yankee shill #18 bemoaning the loss of Derek Jeter's "range at shortstop," I just can't take anymore. And, I'm guessing neither can most regular fantasy players.

Every sabermetrician and most fantasy players know that a man on first with no outs is far more likely to score than a man on second with one out; no baseball announcer appears to know that this is the case. Except for Vin Scully, I routinely mute every talking head. Particularly the guys on Fox. I mute them twice, just to make sure.


alek said...

Wouldn't pushing the mute button twice unmute them?

Mike Bock said...

Curse you and your foiling of my splendid rhetoric!