Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fantasy Errata: the early edition

-- Damn you, Yahoo! May you rot in hell! Now everyone is going to know about Max Scherzer. Thirteen up, thirteen down, seven Ks. He's in the pen for now, but that wont' list long. Now I'm not getting him in probably any league.

-- You'll notice I was more excited about Scherzer than I was about Cueto (by a mile). Mostly because of the home ballpark. Well, Cueto imploded today, big time -- 1.2 innings, six earned runs (seven total), and nine base runners. If you missed out on him during the waiver period, don't fret; you'll be able to pick him up as soon as he gets dropped ... any second now. Remember, I warned you about Cueto here, here, here, here, here, here, and in the comments here.

-- In one-appearance leagues, Garrett Atkins is now 2B eligible. The Tulowitzki injury didn't look good. Not only is he probably headed to the DL, but he has basically sucked the entirety of April. Shortstops projected by mainstreams publications to go in the fourth round (Jeter and Tulo) haven't exactly rewarded their owners this year.

-- Another complete game loss for Halladay. Poor fella.

-- Rafael Betancourt got lit up. If you're speculating on closers, who's next in line?

-- I'm thinking Adam Dunn is getting ready to explode. See if you can snag him from an unsuspecting owner.

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