Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Brutal day for many owners in terms of closer implosions. Matt Capps managed to wreck the day of all THREE(!) of my fantasy squads. Thanks Jason Bay. I almost threw my Allagash Interlude bottle through the television after the replay. Carl Crawford similarly victimized James Shields owners (though he won).

I wouldn't worry much about Capps. Wood, Gagne, and Gordon on the other hand ... those were ugly. Gordon because it comes on the heels of a brutal spring. I didn't think spring training would mean much for a veteran like Gordon. Maybe not. As for Wood, considering that he's (at most) the third best reliever on his own team, how much rope can he have? Gagne, like Gordon, also had a brutal month of pretend games before opening day. The surprise wasn't that he sucked, it's that Turnbow was ignored in the late innings. What? Is it his inability to go two innings in a row without walking someone? In any event, Riske picked up the save, and he looks like the guy to get.

-- Franklin Gutierrez: probably owned in every league at this point. Nice game.

-- I'm so glad we recommended to a loyal reader that he start Chris Young over Michael Bourn. The reasoning sounded good: Young was going against Harang, and Bourn against Peavy. It even looked good at first, as Young went yard early. However, Bourn managed to eke out two stolen bases against Peavy (basically the only thing his entire fucking team accomplished). Damn. The best laid plans ... etc.

-- Why was Santana allowed to throw 100 pitches? That Marlins line-up was horrible. However, not nearly as horrible as what the Giants put on the field. A buddy of mine who loves to wolf up baseball prospectus numbers informed me that their starting shortstop, Brian "why didn't I change my name" Bocock, was destroyed last year in Single-A. In. Single. A. This is the best candidate in the San Francisco farm system to replace one of their 10 injured veterans? Nice. I'm guessing no one on that team hits more than 11 home runs. Who wants the under? I didn't see much of the game (pirated MLB Internet broadcasts rule, by the way) but it looked like Zito's "fastball" was going about 79 mph. How many years does he have left on his deal? Brian Sabean must be getting blown by agents left and right for the contracts he hands out.

-- Umm, is Ryan Doumit starting at catcher? If he gets 400+ at-bats, he's suddenly one of the best seven or eight backstops in fantasy baseball. Maybe top five or six. Heck with that horrific-for-many-owners V-Mart injury, maybe he's number four.

-- I can't imagine why Kelly Johnson waited until a few days before the season started to start complaining about his sore left knee. And, if it didn't bother him, why'd he miss the final six innings? It couldn't have anything to do with service time, staying on the major league roster, or other such shenanigans ... could it?

-- Jim Thome: steal of the year? If he stays healthy, that's one awesome tenth-round draft pick.

-- Carlos Gomez -- fastest man in baseball? I'm becoming a believer. He starts all year for Minnesota, he steals 50+ bases. Easy. I don't know if he keeps getting two or more hits a game, but for now, he's on my "watch list."

All in all, I'm ready to forget the "first" day of baseball.


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Do you prefer C. Gomez to Bourn?

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