Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Well, Jon Garland managed to be both a feast and a famine for fantasy owners all in one day. Eight innings, seven baserunners allowed, and a win ... and zero strikeouts. Wow. Garland has one good year on his resume (2005), but even then he wasn't a K-monger. Garland remains un-ownable except in AL only leagues or very deep mixed leagues.

-- 114 pitches for hard luck Matt Cain. The Giants are going to ruin this kid. Not only by fielding a truly terrible offense (and defense) for him, but for leaving him out there that long the first week of the year in not-particularly-warm-for-L.A. weather. Ray Durham mishandled a ball that ended up allowing the winning run to score (it wasn't an easy play, but he makes it even two or three years ago). The Giants managed 10 hits. All of them were singles. I didn't think that was possible. God, they suck. I didn't realize the Giants actually resigned Omar Vizquel in the offseason. Wow. I'm going to steal a Baseball Tonight stat on Barry Zito: it took approximately 50 batters in spring training for him to strike anyone out. Basically, the Giants paid 126 million for seven years of Jon Garland.

-- J.J. Putz didn't allow two or more runs until August 1st last season. It was the only time it happened. Josh Hamilton took him yard for a two-run dinger on the first day of April. He wasn't a particularly notable reliever until a year or two ago. It's very, very, very early, but I'll take any opportunity to reinforce that you shouldn't pay for saves.

-- Pedro hears a pop in his hamstring. You didn't take him before round 11ish, did you?

-- C.J. Wilson saved the game for Texas. I'm happy he didn't pull a Chad Cordero and vanish into the night.

-- King Felix really deserved a win. Chris Young ... maybe not. So it goes.

-- Bourn steals another base. I think the Padres are a surefire bet to lead MLB in stolen bases allowed. Bard can't throw worth shit, and the Friars field two or three pitchers who are slow as molasses in delivering the ball.

-- Yuniesky Betancourt went 4-for-5 with two extra base hits. More importantly, he batted second. I will be following his career with great interest.

-- Matt Kemp was benched in favor of Juan Pierre. Uh-oh. This is going to be a headache for Kemp, Pierre, and Ethier owners all season unless something gives.


Steve said...

Guys - any thoughts on strategy for using your bench guys? Obviously you use them to fill holes on off days but what about other times?
For example, it sure hurt to have Milledge on the bench on opening day, but would I really have started him over Rios, Markakis, Hawpe or Crawford?
Not really. Or is it a case of relentlessly playing the match-ups and sometime benching the guys you drafted to be your starters?
Would appreciate your thoughts.

Mike Bock said...

I always start my studs. With more marginal players, I often look at matchups. For example: I'd rather start right-handed Jorge Cantu today over Mike Jacobs against lefty Oliver Perez. Righty Jose Guillen versus lefty Kenny Rogers also looks promising.

Stolen-base mongers are often good plays against certain teams or players. San Diego and Chris Young come to mind.