Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Bill Hall was a deserving Line of the Day candidate. Need I remind you that he's two seasons removed from a 35-homer campaign? Sure, it was one of the most surprising in history, but he'll soon be 3B/OF eligible. Split the difference between his '06 and '07 numbers and he's still worth a pickup. Should have been owned in all mixed leagues as a utility player since the start of the season.

-- Err ... why was Adam Dunn pulled in the middle of the game? I've heard nothing. Maybe he pissed off Dusty Baker by insulting Neifi Perez.

-- Carl Crawford steals another base. I think he's on a mission. Fifty sounds too low. Ian Kennedy got his ass torched. There's a reason why I've never bothered discussing him. I realize Tampa Bay's entire team costs less than the left side of the Yankees infield, but when I put the two rosters side by side, I'd be damned if there weren't substantially more "keepers" on the Tampa side of the equation.

-- San Francisco scored four runs today. I don't think they score five or more 30 times this season. Those are the games you've got to win if you want to avoid the history books!

-- Bobby Jenks must shave that ridiculous thing off his chin immediately. Its mere presence on my television screen offends me.

-- Greg Aquino allowed two runs, thus giving Sherrill those always impressive "three-run" saves for Baltimore. That's called being a team player! Aquino clearly must own Sherrill in all his leagues.

-- Justin Upton goes deep for the second straight day. I'm thinking I'd rather own him than mysteriously injured bitch Kelly Johnson. Damn.

-- Remember what I said yesterday about Shaun Marcum? That he's the pitcher I feel I most whiffed on? Yeah, he had a nice start today. Fuck.

-- Ryan Doumit hit a home run. Looks like he'll be starting against righties for the foreseeable future. C/OF? Tell me he's not a free agent in your league. If my roster wasn't festooned with the walking wounded, I would have had him.

-- Chase Utley has three home runs already. I'm thinking the projections might have been a bit low.

-- Kuroda's delivery doesn't look as awe-inspiringly funky as Hideo Nomo's or Takashi Saito's, but it got the job done. Pitching in PETCO helps. He and Scott Baker are probably flying off the waiver wires right now. Starting pitching looks plentiful and cheap in the NL this year, so I hope you didn't load up on AL disappointments such as John Lackey and Scott Kazmir.

-- Eligibilty watch: only two more games for Akinori Iwamura (lead-off for Tampa Bay) to become playable at second base in Yahoo leagues.


Anonymous said...

I don't think these should be called 'errata'.

Mike Bock said...

Eh. It may not be the most accurate name for an the page or so of fantasy notes I'm symbolically appending to each day's box scores, but I like the way it sounds.