Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fantasy Errata

I'm a bit late on yesterday's Fantasy Errata column -- damn you Guitar Hero! Sorry.

-- Manny Parra was a decent enough looking sleeper coming into the year, but I'm not sure how much we can glean from his domination of the Major League, technically, team based in San Francisco. Same goes for Gagne. Still, if I'm a Gagne owner, I'd breathe a sigh of relief.

-- It seems like Edwin Jackson has been around forever, but he actually wasted a lot of years as an outfield prospect. He tore the Yankees a new one yesterday. Maybe he finally figured out how to harness that arm (you know it has to be electric if they converted him so late in his career). AL-only leagues should keep an eye on him. When pitchers with stuff like his turn the corner in terms of control, they can be dominant.

-- Roy Oswalt's eleven base runners and six runs (five earned) in less than seven innings is worrisome enough, but the fact that he struck out nobody is far, far troubling. If I'm an Oswalt owner, I'm wondering if I've wasted an early pick on a guy who's going in the late teens next season.

-- Kerry Wood owners: another sigh of relief.

-- Corey Patterson is so much better in fantasy than in real life, it's scary. Sure, his batting average is about .200 and his OBP not much higher, but he has a stolen base, four runs, three RBI, and two home runs in four games! Adam Dunn was pulled late again. Apparently for a pinch runner. That is going to eat into his at-bats and run totals eventually. This Keppinger kid is going to on Yahoo's most added list starting tomorrow [and he is!].

-- Dontrelle Willis walked seven, and allowed one hit, through five innings. He also struck out nobody. He's going to be on the waiver wire all year next year in just about every league, in every format.

-- Peavy was filthy. Someone in my league owns Peavy and Santana. Yipes.

-- What's up with Erik Bedard? Hip problems? Uh-oh. We'll see what develops.

-- George Sherrill saved his third game in as many days. This is why you. Don't. Pay. For. Saves.

-- I had Mike Jacobs as a mini sleeper at 1B in mixed leagues. Two home runs in two days, one of them a grand slam. Nice. If you had Gary Sheffield manning your UTIL spot, maybe think about him.

-- Chris Young and Justin Upton look unstoppable at the top of Arizona's lineup. Just think about what they'd be doing further down in the order. Corey Hart, Chris Young, Hunter Pence, Nick Markakis, and Curtis Granderson were the grouping of young, 20+/20+ OFs we all looked at during draft time. It will be interesting to see who of that group goes in the second round next year.

-- Alfonso Soriano played at second base. Holy crap. If you're in a one-game-played league and you have him, you're dancing in the streets, taking your clothes off, and getting hammered. Four more such appearances, and he's second base eligible in Yahoo.

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