Monday, April 7, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- That's the Ian Snell who was on everyone's sleeper list! Then again, does striking out 10 Marlins really count?

-- Chien Ming Wang struck out six [no longer Devil] Rays in six innings. For a guy who strikes nobody out, that's pretty good. A sign of things to come? Probably not. Looking at his game log for 2007, he does something like that once or twice a month.

-- Keppinger goes deep again for Cincy. Okay, now I'm picking him up. Corey Patterson went 2-for-5 and Adam Dunn was pulled again in the late innings.

-- Anyone else starting to get a little concerned about David Ortiz? Sure, it's the first week, but he doesn't look comfortable at the plate. Even with the home run, I don't think there's anyone in baseball who's done less with the chances they've had. Josh Beckett's line looks a lot worse than it was, as Manny Delcarmen came in allowed all three of Beckett's baserunners to score on a grand slam. Accardo's at three saves, but with the money B.J. Ryan's making, they're putting him out there to close if he's ready to pitch.

-- I thought Santana's trade to the potent Mets would prevent this sort of shit from happening. Seven base runners over seven innings, one run, and he takes the loss? You've got to be kidding me.

-- Ben Sheets tossed a five-hitter with eight Ks, throwing 109 pitches (is that such a good idea?). But, it was against the Giants. I'm still waiting for folks to weigh in on my bold Giants prediction: they won't score five or more runs 30+ times this year. Zito got ripped, again, and by now must be considered un-ownable in all formats.

-- Another Joakim Soria appearance, three more strikeouts and a save. How about this bold prediction: he's a top three closer in the AL in this year.

-- Brandon Lyon blows the save, but felches a win. His removal as closer should be happening any second now. Matt Holliday finally went yard. And Mark Reynolds went yard again. He seems to want that job even when Chad Tracy is finally ready to go. Keep an eye on him, and if you need power in deep mixed leagues or NL only, he should be grabbed immediamente.

-- Justin Verlander got his ass lit up, but only four of the nine runs were earned. Those hits and walks all belong to his owners' WHIPs, however. I'm not saying the Tigers should be panicking at this point, but clearly something isn't clicking. Beyond their absolutely abysmal bullpen.

-- Chris Young was left in to throw 115 pitches. As someone who owns Chris Young in all three leagues in which he's participating, I say "yipes." Dude may have worked out with a trainer all off-season to prevent back problems, but it's early April, and he's 6'10". Of course, Bud Black, he of the "work 'em till they drop" philosophy is sitting in the San Diego dugout. Young typically works in the 85-90 mph range with his fastball, but it must look quite a bit faster considering he releases it about a third of the way to the plate. Hoffman blows the save, and looks very old, all at the same time. When your goatee is straight up gray, rather than salt and pepper, it stops being intimidating.

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