Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fantasy Errata

It was a wild day in baseball, so buckle up.

-- K-Rod went down. Apparently he's been battling ankle woes for a while, and now both are hurting him. He probably prevented horrible elbow injuries due to his awful mechanics by somehow transferring the torsion to his lower legs, but who knows what will happen at this point. He also blew the save. Shields and/or Speier may be coming in to felch closer duties for a while. I like Speier quite a bit more than Shields, but who knows what Scioscia will do. Probably insert Shields, then watch his ruined arm go Borowski all over the Angels bullpen. Speaking of which, hasn't Cleveland had enough yet? For the love of Allah, insert Rafael Betancourt! Betancourt is probably owned in all leagues ... and maybe Shields, too, but Speier is likely out there in most mixed league formats. The Angels may shut down K-Rod for two or three weeks, so be ready to pounce.

-- Torii Hunter had a hell of a game. Game-winning grand slam? Off of last year's AL saves "leader"? Plus a solo shot in the eighth? Nicely done. I think we may need to change our Line of the Day retroactively, because Adrian Gonzalez no longer deserves it.

-- Adam Dunn is starting to piss me off. He and Fielder are supposed to be supplying 85 home runs this year, and they haven't hit one long ball yet.

-- Brian Wilson comes in for some mop up work and gets shelled. Every experienced fantasy owner will tell you the same thing: DO NOT BRING CLOSERS IN FOR NON-SAVE SITUATIONS. They almost always struggle. Why? I don't know. Perhaps bitterness. Maybe they are working on their eephus wind-up. The Giants almost scored five runs but didn't quite make it. Maybe next time, kids. Matt Cain tried to pitch a little too fine and was rocked. You may start to see him dropped in shallow leagues; if so, pounce. His peripherals will recover ... though he may never win another game again. Aaron Rowand returned from his rib injury so he could hit in the bottom of the order. That was money well spent.

-- George Sherrill has four saves. Do any of your closers have four saves? No. Have they allowed more than one base runner through four appearances? Well, probably not. Did you have to draft all of them before Sherrill? I think you see where I'm going with this.

-- Javier Vazquez settled down and pitched a gem. Whew. I was getting worried.

-- Vintage Greg Maddux! Oh wait, he was playing the Giants. Still a fifth starter in mixed league formats.

-- You hear that pinging sound? That was Gorzellawhatever and Ted Lilly bouncing off your league's trash bin after today's performance. Perhaps premature with Lilly, but well deserved with Gorzo the non-magnificent (if you catch that reference, congratulations).

-- Manny Corpas rebounded nicely. I think the vultures are still circling for the time being.

-- Matt Kemp owners must be tearing their hair out by now. Pierre gets the start, goes 0-4, and is now batting .067 on the heels of a brutal spring/career. What does Pierre have to do to get relegated to the bench? His replacement, Andruw Jones, managed to toss up another 0-fer while striking out twice and leaving five men on base. I can't take it anymore.

-- I'm sure glad I dropped Mark Reynolds in a few leagues. Four home runs already? Bleargh. Chad Tracy ain't getting that job back.

-- A lot of little/unexplained injuries. Howie Kendrick injures his thumb, gets pulled (it's always something with him). Derek Jeter injures his leg, status unknown. Rich Harden's start gets pushed back a day, no reason given. Of those three, I'd be most concerned about Harden. Pushed back a day? No explanation? I'd bet a crisp, cold five dollar bill he's on the DL within 36 hours.


waters96 said...

As a long-time Angels fan I agree with your spot on analysis of the Angels bullpen mess. Scioscia being old school means he must allow Shields to stink it up for four to five games at least before moving on to Justin. I just dropped Gorzo to pick up Shields. Now I'm short a starter. Any thoughts as to who among the early season phenoms who might still be on a Yahoo waiver wire is worth looking at as a replacement?

Mike Bock said...

Kuroda, maybe? He'll face some awful lineups (well, at least one) in favorable parks in that division.

If not Kuroda, maybe Maddux, who should be spot started at Petco all year. Scott Baker is one of our favorites here.

You may want to take a flier on the St. Louis guys, but everytime I pull up their career stats, my whelm meter stays fixed on "under."