Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Hey, how about that Brandon Lyon?! I still think he's no longer closing by mid May. Kuroda deserved a lot better, and that Arizona lineup is absolutely ferocious.

-- Anyone else tired of the Cubs playing the Pirates? Sheesh. Adam LaRoche is horrible every April. Look it up. I mean, Neifi Perez horrible. Grab him and stash him away for later. You'll thank me.

-- Detroit is on the board! Bob will be happy that Carlos Guillen and Miguel Cabrera decided to show up for the '08 season after all, and Sheffield owners are staring an unexpected stolen base right in the face. I wouldn't be surprised if Detroit rattles off 10 games in a row of 5+ runs. Mike Lowell dinged himself up, so slot someone else in at 3B for a few days.

-- Shane Victorino went 0-for-5 in the leadoff spot. I'm now officially worried. As in, "I might have to bench my eighth round pick in a few weeks" worried. Jose Reyes had a pretty damn productive day for a guy who went 0-for-4 with no home runs and no stolen bases. Two runs and an RBI? Yeah, I think his owners would like to him to steal a base right about NOW!

-- I ended up replacing Mark Reynolds with Mike Jacobs, whose batting average is atrocious but who has hit four home runs. He's probably the only starting first baseman in mixed leagues who might actually be on the waiver wire. It's a bit late, but grab him and see what happens. Cantu went deep as well, and despite the acquisition of Wes Helms, I still think he sees 450+ at-bats at three different positions this year ... hopefully one of them being second base. I have nothing against Dan Uggla, but business is business. Felipe Lopez appears to be at left field for the Nationals, which means he'll soon have 2B/SS/OF eligibility. Interesting. He's another guy I still like, despite the Nationals completely mishandling the entire situation.

-- Jose Lopez stole his second base today. Okay, he has my full attention now. He's 26, never stolen more than five bases in a season despite insanely high at-bat totals, and he bats in the second spot. Hmmm... He's a hot waiver-wire acquisition, but if he steals 10-15 bases, we're talking about a huge jump in value. He already has two home runs also. Is 15/15 possible? While Lopez's batting average may not get above .275, Jeter owners are praying for 15/15 right about now.

-- Erik Bedard is another guy who typically has lousy Aprils.

-- I LOVE ME SOME COREY PATTERSON! How could I ever doubt Dusty Baker? Four home runs for Corey already? He can't keep up this pace, but if he goes 20+/35+ and bats .265 he's winning more than a few leagues. Check out how many strikeouts Patterson has thus far: two. In nearly 30 at-bats. Adam Dunn and Ryan Howard strike out more than that while putting on their [own] jockstraps. Considering the big knock on him is that he strikes out too much, this is an interesting development. He already cut down on the K totals last year, so this is just continuing the trend.

-- Bill Hall also homered, meaning that two of my early season sleepers are basically on fire.

-- Brandon Backe (??) pissed off Albert Pujols in pre-game warmups for unnecessarily sliding into J.R. Towles. Pujols had already called Towles to apologize and didn't take kindly to Backe's impertinence. The two had to be separated. Additionally, Backe stole JoBu's rum. Pujols predictably hit two mammoth shots on consecutive pitches (not in the same at-bat).

-- Anyone else getting concerned about the Yankees? Actually, I hate that fucking team, so I'm not, but someone out there must be. That lineup looks old, decrepit, broken down, etc. Matsui looks like he should be DH'ing, which gives them -- what? -- four players who are best suited to sitting on the bench when the opposing team bats? This is only April, how are they going to be holding up in July and August?

-- Garrett Atkins started slow last year, too. Don't panic. AWWW, CHRIST, DO SOMETHING ALREADY!

-- Two guys we mentioned a week or so ago, Justin Germano and Scott Baker, were lights out today. You can't expect Baker to keep up that K-rate, but you can expect that Germano and every other major league pitcher will continue to dominate the San Francisco Giants. Incredibly, the movable object defeated the irresistible force when D. Ortmeier ... yeah, that's what I said ... drove in the winning run off Heath friggin' Bell. Bell better get ready to defend himself in clown court before batting practice tomorrow.

-- What the hell is going on with Jeremy Accardo? This is so out of character in terms of his career, you've got to figure he'll work through it. If you took our advice and bought low on him, hopefully the trade is still pending.

-- Even though he's off to a slow start, I still see Adam Jones as a sneaky OF selection. If someone drops him, grab him and wait. Dude has to change his yahoo photo, though. Look at this:


Wake up and start playing like you belong on the AL East leading Baltimore Orioles.

-- Prince Fielder, my first-round and second-round pick in my pay leagues, has basically spent the first two weeks sitting on my chest and defecating. That vegetarian diet needs to go.


Steve said...

At least Prince is hitting for some sort of average. My first and second round picks are hitting .176 with 1 dinger and 5 RBI between them...

Mike Bock said...

Hmm..... Cabrera and who?

Steve said...

Howard and Crawford.

Although Crawford caught fire today with a 2-4!