Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Jorge Cantu hit a home run out of Minute Maid Park. I don't know if I've ever seen a right-handed batter do that. Oswalt tossed up a high-80s "fastball" and Cantu must have belted it close to 500 feet. Despite getting off to a miserable start, Jorge's now batting well over .300 with two homers, a stolen base, and a serious chip on his shoulder. Mike Jacobs also went deep, giving him five homers on the season. Not to be outdone, Jeremy Hermida went deep twice. I'd talk about what all this means for Roy Oswalt, but he'll be the subject of an in-depth article.

-- Chien Ming Wang just looks like an ace. Unfortunately, he doesn't strike anyone out. Take today for example: complete game, utter domination, three Ks. He may be the least-charismatic, least-marketed stud Yankee of all-time. Is it possible for a Yankee to be overlooked? I guess so.

-- Matt Capps with another save in a surprising 1-0 Pirates victory over Cincy. I'm officially no longer worried.

-- C.C. Sabathia ... oh, my lord. That's not how you justify a big free agent contract next summer. His owners must be panicking right about now. Nine runs in three innings will do that to you.

-- If you can still get Pat Burrell on the cheap, do it. He's playing for a contract, and is ripping the cover off the ball.

-- Carlos Pena hit two more home runs, and is now at five. At this point, David Ortiz owners may be willing to trade straight up. Believe it or not, I don't know if I would. Ortiz does not look like he is getting any leg action on his swings. That's a bad sign. He either doesn't trust his knee, or it isn't right. It doesn't look like he's much of a gym rat, and he may be aging prematurely right before our eyes.

-- In the last Fantasy Errata column I called out the Iwamura, Crawford, Pena, and Upton. They combined to go 9 for 16 today with eight runs and two homers. That will show me.

-- I should have trusted my instincts with Lance Berkman. The man dominates in even numbered years. Look at these home run numbers, beginning with his first full season in 2001: 34/42/25/30/24/45 and finally 34 in 2007. Even though he has an extra "odd" year in there, he's hit exactly 117 home runs in both "odd" and "even" numbered years.

-- Did anyone see this coming with Jose Reyes? Anyone? Our advice to take him second overall is looking pretty miserable at the moment. One stolen base, an injured hamstring (wasn't he over that shit?), and a lot of frustrated owners. If someone has an explanation, please post it.

-- Al Reyes, fresh off getting his ass kicked and tasered by police during a random bar altercation (on his birthday!), gets the win for Tampa Bay. You win some, you lose some.

-- If Randy Johnson stays healthy, Arizona will win 100+ games this year. No joke. That division is looking a lot worse than I expected.

-- The Tigers bullpen dominated the Chicago White Sox after Dontrelle Willis injured his leg. The chances of that happening? Guess it wasn't zero, after all.

-- Jake "Filthy Digits" Peavy allowed three earned runs and eleven baserunners in six innings against the Dodgers. Not so tough without pine tar doctoring the ball, are you Gaylord? Andruw Jones went 0 for 4, stranding two and lowering his batting average to .114. Why hasn't Ned Colletti been fired yet? Jones is the fifth highest paid player in baseball, and he's been dropped to seventh in the lineup. Juan Pierre actually went 3-for-4 and stole a base. Joe Torre must be loving what his GM has stuck him with.

-- Felix Hernandez pitched his worst game of the year, by far, but managed to get his first win. He also scared the hell out of myself and every other fantasy owner on the planet by diving for a pop fly and then appearing hurt for a good minute or two. Let it drop, Felix!

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