Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Nothing about that Alfonso Soriano calf injury looked good. From his awkward hop after catching the ball, to his inability to put any weight on it whatsoever, to his requiring help to leave the field. Piniella said that he would be "gone for a while." I'd like to think this isn't related to the quad injury he battled through a while back, but maybe he was trying to compensate and put more pressure on the calf. In any event, his owners should go with backup plans for the next few months.

-- Every San Diego pitcher needs to be owned in every league and at least started in PETCO. Randy Wolf allowed at least two flyballs that would be home runs in every other stadium ... except perhaps S.F. ... and both ended up as warning-track shots. He, Germano, etc., will be all be picked up today.

-- Detroit has now scored 17 runs over the last two games after only scoring 22 in the previous eight games combined.

-- Aaron Harang was left in to throw 110 pitches, despite the fact that he was laboring and not in line for a win. So it begins.

-- Bobby Cox is now saying that Atlanta will "mix it up" in terms of closer. Sure. And Rafael Soriano just had mild elbow discomfort, and Peter Moylan will be back in 15 days. (His MRI demonstrated significant "irregularities.") I think Acosta has the job unless he blows it.

-- Pat Burrell really wants that big free-agent money. His owners are probably thinking .280+ batting average and 40+ home runs. And they may be right.

-- St. Louis keeps winning. Since they're rotating five outfielders, it's tough to pinpoint any to own, but Ryan Ludwick is having a great season thus far.

-- Russell Martin hits a solo shot, and Andruw Jones goes 2-for-3! Of course, all of that came in a meaningless blowout. Good job, guys!


Tim said...

Harang also had the flu. Nice work Dusty! At this rate Cueto will be Mark Prior by the end of the season.

Don Ford said...

As far as the Cardinals OF goes, it looks like Rick Ankiel play just about everyday, so I'd say he's the guy to go after. The power is for real.

Mike Bock said...

Rick Ankiel was drafted in every league, and you won't be prying him away. His owners have visions of 40 HRs and 100 RBIs dancing in their heads.