Friday, April 18, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- What Casey Kotchman is doing makes no sense to me. Neither does Joe Crede's numbers. Two weeks into April, when guys are blowing their career projections out of the water, you have to wonder if it's small sample size. I'd trade either of them.

-- I don't like to write these articles until the day is done. I've given up. The San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies might still be playing tomorrow. It's the bottom of the 20th inning, nearly one o'clock in the morning, and they're still going. These guys are going to have position players on the mound pretty soon. I'm not kidding.

-- Another day, another Pat Burrell home run. I had him (and Jeff Francoeur) targeted as mid round sleeper power and didn't get him in enough leagues. As in, every league.

-- What do all fantasy owners know about closers and mop up-duty? Say it with me now: Do. not. bring. closers. in. for. non-save. situations. Jose Valverde owners, sorry. You just got hosed.

-- If Joey Votto was guaranteed playing time, he'd be owned in even weekly transaction leagues. He keeps this up, they'll have no choice.

-- Prince Fielder goes deep! He now has as many home runs as Matt Cain! Hallelujah!

-- George Sherrill picks up a win. Man, I hate it when these garbage closers end up being the steals of the year. Unless I have them.

-- Kyle Farnsworth tried to take Manny's head off after Ramirez went deep twice. Farnsworth got chewed up on the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network. I can see where Farnsworth is coming from. Manny has shown up too many pitchers and been too big of a jackass for guys not to want to take shots at him. Still, that pitch was right behind his head.

-- Ryan Ludwick needs to be added everywhere. Aaron Hill is probably on everyone's team, and looks like he's going to make owners thankful they didn't spend an early pick on Robinson Cano.

-- Carlos Quentin is quietly being added everywhere. Don't miss the boat after his two-home-run performance. And don't leave him sitting on your bench when you have empty roster slots.

-- Francisco Rodriguez looked real shaky picking up that save. Real shaky. Difficulty locating a 90-mph fastball? Slider not even coming near the plate? Either he had a real bad day, or he's battling physical problems to protect his coming contract.

-- Sorry, Bobby Jenks. I jinxed you.

-- John Smoltz picked up 10 Ks in five innings and the win. That, my folks, is fantasy super-stardom. You ready for this? Since 1900, no pitcher has struck out 10 batters in five innings, picked up the win, and his team ended up shutting out the opposing side. Thank you for that factoid, Eastern Seaboard Programming Network.

-- Verlander is working in the low to mid 90s (finally had a chance to catch part of a Tigers game). That's a problem. Could be the cold weather, could be early season issues, could be overuse at a young age.

-- Mike Mussina's underappreciated career is really grinding to a miserable end, isn't it? If I was him, I'd be pushing for a relocation to San Diego, stat.

-- Basically, anyone pitching in San Diego is money. Anyone. They're still playing out there, by the way. Particularly this time of year with the cold air coming right in off the ocean.

-- Vicente Padilla WHIP is atrociously high, and he isn't striking out too many guys. Do not believe!

-- Another sign of hope for C.C. Sabathia owners, his BABIP (batting average for balls in play) is insanely high, well above .400. I often look at BABIP to see if pitchers are getting lucky -- for example, Brian Bannister -- and Sabathia is one unlucky pitcher, indeed.

-- One-for-6, six men left on base for Garrett Atkins. Oh, boy. I need another swig of this delicious Kriek de Ranke.


Steve said...

Sorry I got confused. 1-6 for Atkins. My boy Hawpe went 0-7.

Anonymous said...

Farnsworth is a fucking cunt who just insured that Jeter will get a concussion in July, courtesy of Papelbon. Stay Classy, Girardi.

Bob Taylor said...

Hey, Bock, you do understand that I can't change my lineup with the power of my mind, right?

Mike Bock said...

Do, or do not. There is no try. Let the Force flow through you. Judge Tim Lincecum by his size, do you?