Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- I need your help, valiant readers. Should I start Chris Young tomorrow in ALL THREE(!) of my leagues, despite his elbow pain, and despite the fact that he is pitching on the road against the seemingly unstoppable Diamondbacks? I don't like to play the "start 'em/bench 'em game" this early in the season, but I've got a bad feeling about this one.

-- Ben Sheets leaves after about 60 pitches with tricep pain. He didn't immediately seek treatment, which ESPN is treating as though it's a missive from heaven that he'll be JUST FINE. You know what, if I'm a Sheets owner, I sell. Now. If I swing a deal for Webb, Santana, or Peavy, even if I have to give up another quality player, I'm ecstatic.

-- Liriano won't be back to normal until after the All-Star break. Be happy he's healthy.

-- Wood and Gagne have sort of shaken off those first game disasters, eh?

-- Javier Vazquez continues to justify my opinion that he was the most undervalued starting pitcher coming into this year.

-- Poor Greg Maddux. And stupid Greg Maddux owners, for not thinking there'd be a hangover from that 22-inning disaster. With no bullpen available, he just had to accept a BOHICA for the team. You know there are more than a few owners out there who started both Matt Cain (nine earned runs!) and Maddux. They aren't awake right now, having cried themselves to sleep while pounding bottle after bottle of Three Floyds Dark Lord Stout.

-- I'm thinking Hughes is available in 90% of mixed leagues beginning tomorrow. Maybe sooner.

-- Chipper Jones = great when healthy. No one should be surprised at his run thus far. It's the "when healthy" part of the equation that kept him from being a third round draft pick.

-- The slumping Ronnie Belliard was finally benched in favor of Felipe Lopez, who hit leadoff, went 3-for-5, scored two runs, and stole a base. I've been waiting for this. I traded Jose Guillen for Lopez a few weeks back. My man-crush on Lopez hasn't been a popular one (I think I'm the only one), but I'm telling you -- he has eligibility at OF, 2B, and SS, a 20+ homer season on his resume along with that very good stolen base track record, and I still think he'll be an utter steal if he gets regular playing time. He's out of RFK -- along with the rest of that team -- and the physical tools are there. Hopefully his attitude problem has been sorted out. Sure, he sucks at defense, but so does Belliard.

-- Nate McLouth is one pesky mofo.

-- I hates you Todd Wellemeyer. I hates you forever.

-- I think Chad Cordero is done. You didn't drop Jon Rauch, did you?

-- David Ortiz hit a grand slam. He still doesn't look like he's trusting that knee. He's standing upright and not driving out of his typical crouch. Now that he's showing signs of life, I'd sell. Straight up for Teixeira or Derrek Lee would be awesome. For the Ortiz seller.


Ryan said...

In response to your Chris Young question, I just traded him in one of my leagues for Grady Sizemore and Jeff Francis. Young will hit the DL soon and Francis is looking like he's over his first couple of games. I think it was a good trade.


Bob Taylor said...

Okay, Bock -- the Hurler team cut Jayson Werth in favor of Lopez today. (This is now the second time I've had Felipe on my team.) Let's hope it works out this go-round.

David said...

Unless you happen to be a something of a masochist, I would not advise starting Chris Young in any of your leagues. He has a dismal 1-3 career record against the Diamonbacks, with a 5.53 ERA. Moreover, in deciding whether or not to play Stephen Drew today, I noticed he has a .667 career average against him in 6 at-bats, with 2 doubles, and 3 walks. I'm sure he's not the only Diamondback with these kind of numbers against Young. Start him at your own risk.

Mike Bock said...

I really hate doing this, but I'm benching Chris Young today. I'm going to be way, way behind in innings, but hopefully Sabathia will turn things around and start eating a few.