Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- A short list of games were played today, but plenty of stats were to be had. Perhaps none more surprising than Julio Lugo's 4-for-4 with a stolen base and a few other goodies.

-- Aramis Ramirez went deep again. So did Garrett Atkins. I own both of them in a 10x10 league which I'm slowly beginning to dominate, and I'm thinking these guys are going to be neck and neck all year. And both will finish way ahead of Ryan Braun, who if you'll recall I warned you was the only likely first rounder who had bust potential.

-- Mr. non-Big Cat Galarraga has looked pretty good filling in for Dontrelle Willis. I still want no part of him.

-- That Florida offense sure isn't looking so putrid now, eh? Willingham, Jacobs, Hermida ... and now Uggla and Cantu are coming around? And they all earn, combined, less than Frank Thomas will be paid to get his fat, selfish ass the fuck out of Toronto.

-- Tim Hudson is looking like the only one of Oakland's vaunted "Big Three" who might be an effective pitcher for the foreseeable future. While his Ks have been all over the place, he's only really had one bad year.

-- Dodgers score nine runs, and everyone has a hit ... except Andruw Jones. He's now batting eighth, which I'm pretty sure Joe Torre is doing just to embarrass Ned Colletti. They were showcasing some Brad Penny pitches on Baseball Tonight, and I don't recall ever seeing him throw a split finger that breaks two feet before.

-- Roy Oswalt dominated San Diego, which kind of tells me more about their offense than it does about him.

-- Man, I wish I had more Phillies on my squads. Except for Rollins, who I own in one league and who dicked me around for 10 days before finally going on the DL. And Victorino, who basically has been an epic bust. Essentially, I want Philadelphia players that I didn't draft.

-- Mark Reynolds went deep for the first time in what feels like two weeks after starting off the season hitting what seemed like six home runs in one at-bat. Sell sell sell!

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