Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Every once in a while (actually, almost every day) a real life manager makes a decision that no fantasy owner could ever countenance. Charlie Manuel, having watched Cole Hamels throw 118 pitches over the first seven innings, decides it would be a great idea to have him come out for the eighth. Despite his battling back from a horrific first inning that included a Prince Fielder two-run homer. Despite his having nagging arm issues every year. Despite it being April. DESPITE HIS HAVING THROWN 118 PITCHES ALREADY! Every Cole Hamels owner, including me, knew what was coming. No outs recorded, Prince Fielder jacks another one. Bye bye win, bye bye ratios. Eleven Ks, though.

I'm going to take a look at this decision and wonder something out loud: if the Phillies had $100+ million invested in Hamels, instead of owning his rights for the next few years, would Manuel have ever been allowed to do this? I think not. Clearly he's taking a page from Billy Beane's "abuse the shit out of pitchers whose rights I control" book.

-- After a rough first outing, Matt Capps pitches a perfect ninth for another save. Folks, he's a top ten closer.

-- Detroit scores 19 and continue to punish the entire American League for their collective insolence.

-- The Washington Nationals infield defense is awful. Absolutely awful. Johan picks up another win. If he's this good in April, historically his worst month, I can't imagine what he'll be like in July.

-- Gary Matthews Jr. goes yard twice, and David Ortiz looks to have broken out of his slump. Here's a little snippet about Gary Matthews, Jr. as a person, not as a fantasy commodity. He lanced a wicked foul ball directly into the third-base stands. It had "fan injury" written all over it. The catcher stands up to look into the crowd, the ump takes his mask off in concern, and the announcers comment that they hope it didn't hurt anyone. Basically, everyone stops for five or six seconds to see if an ambulance is going to be needed. What does Gary do? Curses to himself and swings his bat around, never even looking to see what all the fuss is about. What a guy.

-- Edwin Encarnacion is not available in your league. Sorry. Matt Stairs might be. He had 21 home runs last year in only 300ish at-bats, and has fantastic OPS numbers. I'd pick him up in deep leagues immediately. Multi-position power is always nice.

-- Chase Utley has 10 home runs already. Ten! Pat Burrell has eight. Eight!

-- Grady Sizemore is looking pretty bad right now. Definitely a buy-low candidate.

-- Geovany Soto went deep again today en route to a 4-for-5 day. I looked at him as a sleeper top-eight catcher. Now I'm thinking top five, and if Ryan Doumit trails off, maybe even top three.

-- Mike Jacobs is looking like this year's Carlos Pena. He now has seven home runs and is punishing right-handers to the tune of a 1.164 OPS.

-- Did we say take Jose Reyes over Hanley Ramirez. Err, it's still early, but Ramirez is looking like he may be go 40/40.

-- As a proud owner of a brand new Mariano Rivera, I wasn't happy to see him go more than one innings for a save. But, it was only 17 pitches. Contrast that to Brian Wilson's ugly 31-pitch inning in which he allowed four base runners, one run, and nearly gave me a heart-attack.

-- Sorry Matt Cain. No runs for you!

-- Do not believe in Daniel Cabrera! Don't do it!

--Manny Corpas is getting his ass handed to him routinely now. Hope you listened to us and grabbed Brian Fuentes.


Steve said...

If you're offered Tex for Grady, do you take it?

Mike Bock said...

Depends on my team needs. April, historically, has been Teixeira's worst month (by a wide margin). You don't see that kind "split stats" from Sizemore. Which means I'd be more concerned about Sizemore's slow start than Teixeira's less than optimal batting average.

It would be real tough to move Sizemore unless you're getting unexpected stolen bases from somewhere else on your roster. Otherwise you'll just have to hope he turns it around.