Friday, April 25, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Jarrod Saltalamacchia was reportedly called up today. Even if you have a pretty good starting catcher, having a multi-position eligibility fill-in with the power potential of Salty is very appealing. He's a must add in all formats.

-- Felipe Lopez managed to utterly ruin my Oliver Perez start today. A two-RBI single followed by a grand slam a few innings later. Thanks.

-- Poor Chris Young. He may never get another win. Tim Lincecum, meanwhile, is looking like the second coming of Steve Carlton circa 1957 (he won 27 games ... for a team that only won 59, total). Four wins with basically no run support?

-- Manny Acosta goes two innings for the save. Of course he's sitting on my bench. Brian Fuentes gets his first save. I'd forgotten how funky his delivery is. It's retardedly off-kilter. Rafael Betancourt also picked up a save. Basically, it was "reassure your new owner that you can handle the job of closer" day.

-- I think I'm platooning Mike Jacobs against left-handers from this point forward. It's not as though his career numbers indicate he's going to turn this trend around anytime soon.

-- Cliff Lee: still not a believer. Been a hell of a ride, though.

-- That Seattle bullpen is just awful. Awful!

-- Carl Crawford stole two bases today, giving him seven on the season. Grady Sizemore snatched his sixth. Suddenly those early round speedsters are beginning to round into form.

-- There are only five relievers in all of baseball with ten or more innings pitched who haven't allowed an earned run. Two of them are on the Oakland A's. Billy Beane knows how to build a bullpen, folks.

-- Jayson Werth has become a must add in all formats. As a Victorino owner, I'm worried.

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