Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Steve, you better weigh in on this column and thank me for telling you to spot start Jonathan Sanchez tonight. Five base runners, ten Ks, one ER? Who the hell is this guy? He now has 36 Ks in 30 innings. This guy's minor-league numbers look pretty damn good: 333 Ks in 252.1 innings? 3.42 ERA and 1.16 WHIP? And he's a lefty? You know what, Jonathan Sanchez may have slipped under quite a few draft radars. I picked him up in one league today, and I may pick him up in every other one. I'm not ready to start him on the road (except at PETCO) yet, but I'm becoming a believer. In both him and Brian Wilson, who looks like he's going to be called on a lot, as the Giants never, ever, blow teams out.

-- Cincinnati can't do anything on the road. I'm starting to get pissed off. I love Corey Patterson, but now that he's both useless (a) on the road, and (b) the 3/4 days a week he sits, I'm cutting him for Werth or Sanchez in all leagues.

-- Texas cut Melhuseyourdaddy to make room for Saltalamacchia. Saltalamacchia's owned in every league, right?

-- I hates you Ervin Santana. I hates you forever. You cost me at least two hundred bucks last year with your awful April/May/Entire fucking year.

-- I'm not so sure Victorino hasn't lost his job to Werth. I'm also not so sure that the reports that Rollins has a broken ankle are accurate (why is he taking BP?).

-- Please tell me you didn't cut Jon Rauch when Chad Cordero "returned."

-- Randy Johnson was high on my list of late round "sleepers," and he's paying off in spades. Seven Ks in six innings? A sub 3.00 ERA? You're not going to be able to acquire him at this point, but hey: what's the point of blogging if you can't crow every once in a while?

-- A.J. Burnett is going to be cut in a lot of leagues over the next week. I recommend you scoop him up. And wait for a good outing or good matchup before you insert him into your rotation.

-- Ditto for Randy Wolf.

-- Nomar is out. For NL-only and very, very deep mixed leagues, this means more playing time for Blake DeWitt.

-- Carlos Gomez and Michael Bourn are out with leg injuries. Dave Roberts looks like he's basically done. The Fantasy Gods are cursing those of you who mocked us for taking the likes of Carl Crawford, Grady Sizemore, or Jose Reyes with early picks. Well, who's laughing now?! Who?!

-- Franklin Gutierrez was cut in a lot of leagues after an absymal start. He's quietly turned things around. In deep mixed leagues (he's probably still owned in AL only), maybe go see if you can make room for him. If Matt Stairs, Jayson Werth, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia have already been picked up.


Steve said...

You were right.

But I wasn't.

Picked him up, all ready to go - and then dumped him for Cantu to sub for Ryan Howard. Then someone else beat me to him when I went to grab him again.
What's worse, Leo Nunez and Izzy got absolutely flamed for me yesterday...

Mike Bock said...

The best laid plans ...