Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Nothing quite like checking out one of your players and seeing that he went 0-for-5. With FIVE strikeouts. Nice job, Geovany Soto. Oh, boy.

-- Even worse: checking to see how your starting shortstop did during a doubleheader (fantasy gold, right?), and seeing that he went 0-for-9. Orlando Cabrera, when I compared your stats to Derek Jeter pre-draft, it didn't mean that I wanted both of you to suck during April.

-- Joakim Soria had retired 24 in a row, but that streak was broken today. I'm telling you, find a Royals broadcast and watch this guy pitch. His wacko slurve thing is unreal. I don't know how long his elbow will last, but he's making Major League hitters look like idiots.

-- The Giants are suddenly becoming a hotbed of available waiver-wire commodities. Jonathan Sanchez is worth starting at home and at PETCO, Eugenio Velez has great multi-positional usefulness and has stolen five bases thus far, and a few of their outfielders (Lewis and Bowker) look like great adds in NL-only leagues.

-- George Sherrill is on pace for about 90 saves this year. I really whiffed on that one. (I thought Walker would win the job in spring training.)

-- Micah Owings hurt himself legging out a double. I'm thinking that Arizona might not need his bat and that Max Scherzer just might be called up to fill his place. Scherzer is an immediate mus- add in all formats. Think Cueto, but pitching against NL West teams instead of having a home park in Cincinnati.

-- Prince Fielder basically only hits home runs when (a) they're walk-offs or (b) Cole Hamels is starting. In any event, the slump looks over folks.

-- Guys you should sell high on: Mark Reynolds, Erik Bedard, and Chipper Jones (back spasms reported today). Reynolds can't keep this up, and Bedard and Chipper are probably not going to stay healthy.

-- Some scary stuff in the Dodgers game, with an umpire taking a Brad Penny fastball off the face and eventually being wheeled out on a stretcher. I've got to think Mark Redman was owned by a few folks in NL-only leagues. For Redman owners, I'm so, so sorry. Ten runs in an inning is tough to swallow. I recommend washing it down with some delicious Firestone Union Jack IPA.

-- Adam LaRoche is having a putrid April. The kind of April that billy goats, if given a chance to eat his box scores, would turn their noses up at. And yet, it's what he does every year. Pick him up, sit him on your bench, and hope he turns it around. Which, again, he does every year.


waters96 said...

Disclosure: I loathe the Giants because they enabled Barroid to taint baseball permanently with his cheater records.

That said, I don't see why this team is getting so much love over the FBB Internets.

As far as I'm concerned, in a shallow mixed league, there are only three rosterable players on that team - Lincecum, Cain, and Molina. The rest are a bunch of crap. There are about 10 waiver wire speed guys I'd rather have than Velez. There was much hoopla about this loser named Bowker but I see him attacking the Mendoza line shortly. I guess it's like Bush at the debates - lower the expectations, and as long as he doesn't drool over himself, call it a success.

Seriously is there really anybody on the rest of that pathetic roster you WANT for a mixed league?

Mike Bock said...

Mixed leagues can deep in a hurry. In a standard yahoo league: you're right, there are four roster-able players (the thre you mentioned and Brian Wilson).

In a 12 man, 25 man roster league, or even deeper, you have to start getting creative. I've been in leagues so deep you're literally struggling to field a full team of major league players on a weekly basis.