Monday, April 28, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Proponents of small ball always seem to assume that really difficult plays designed to "manufacture runs" will go off without a hitch. Well, they often don't. Smallball fan Ozzie Guillen has the following situation: Man on third, one out. The stupidest thing you could possibly do is call for a play that, if not executed perfectly, will absolutely result in the runner at third being thrown out. Ozzie requests the suicide squeeze, and Carlos Quentin is hung out to dry when Brian Anderson can't execute the bunt. Nice job, Ozzie.

-- Quentin is now tied for the home run lead in the AL and should be owned for the rest of the season in all formats in which he's available.

-- Mike Napoli is so damned tempting. Twelve hits, six of which have been home runs. But, I'd drive myself crazy trying to keep track of when he's playing.

-- Emil Brown is completely outperforming his career norms. He's closer to 35 than 30, and he's spent the last year or two on the fringes of the major leagues. When guys like that (think, Melvin Mora) come out of nowhere with red hot springs/Aprils, as opposed to a fresh faced youngster who isn't staring the cold reality of baseball obsolescence in the face, I actually give it more credence. Maybe Emil Brown finally found the gym after all these years, maybe he's getting lucky, or maybe it's something else. In any event, I'd own him AL-only leagues and deep mixed league formats.

-- Mariano Rivera's 2007 is starting to look more and more like an aberrantly bad year, and not the beginning of a precipitous drop-off. I had a chance to watch him dominate Cleveland today, and his cutter was consistently in the 94-95 range, and he was locating both it and a two-seam fastball very well.

-- Captain Amazing Derek Jeter scored a run! First time in 10 or so games. Nice job, Mr. Fourth Round Pick in most publications.

-- Brandon Lyon locked down save No. 8 and now has an ERA below 2.75. Sometimes I hate this job/hobby/obsession.

-- Mike Mussina: still ownable only in AL-only leagues.

-- Barry Zero ... err ... Zito ...was demoted to the bullpen today. I think that's a bad move. They probably think he's going to be less exposed in the bullpen, which is true, but it's obvious he needs a complete mechanical overhaul that isn't going to be accomplished in short spurts between relief appearances. He needs to fake an injury, go on the DL, and learn some new pitches. An 83 mph fastball and curveball he can't locate for strikes and is typically left up in the zone isn't cutting it. Zito's reputation amongst SF Giants message boarders is that he doesn't care about baseball, didn't want to play for a winner, and prefers to stone out, play his guitar, and surf. I don't know if any of that is true, but the guy is just absolutely horrific. I don't want him in NL West-only leagues.

-- A win for Matt Cain! And, a three strikeout non-save for Brian Wilson. I hate those 4-0 appearances by my closers.

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...and after hitting the REFRESH button 1,739 times since last Wednesday, Max Scherzer is now available in Yahoo leagues.