Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- In leagues that require one appearance (they are out there), Albert Pujols is now second base eligible (*gulp*).

-- J.J. Putz is back, so I'd release any Seattle bullpen scrub you're holding onto. It doesn't sound like his injury is the type that might linger: he's over it, or he isn't. And apparently he is.

-- We've given you two posts on C.C. Sabathia in the last two hours, so consider that topic covered. I'd say the buy-low period is over.

-- Casey Blake may look like a hot add, but he's batting ninth and having a horrid year, even with today's stats.

-- Adam Dunn owners must take heart in his long balls. Prince Fielder's, by his 3-for-3 day. People who own just about anyone on the Tigers not named Sheffield must be positively giddy at the recent turnaround.

-- Manny Corpas gets lit up in the ninth inning. Brian Fuentes owners, keep on owning. This is only Corpas's second year of closing, we're not dealing with Mariano Rivera or Billy Wagner here.

-- I'm pretty sure the Mariners hate Felix Hernandez. That must be why they never score any runs for him.

-- John Smoltz gets his 3,000th strikeout (congratulations Felipe Lopez!), and his team gets shut out. Belliard looks like he's been supplanted by Felipe, who went 2-for-5 today with one run and one RBI.

-- Edinson "my first name is not misspelled ... okay, it is" Volquez has numbers just as good as Johnny Cueto ... except for the large amount of walks .... and not nearly as impressive pitching arsenal ... okay, well, he's still pretty good. Then again, he's still available in leagues. Rookie caveats apply.

-- Josh Beckett to miss a start with a strained neck. I can't imagine why he's having these nagging physical issues. Maybe cause he spent the offseason getting fat?

-- I am annoyed that the Yahoo blog is all over the Jorge Cantu love. I was here first, damnit!


Steve said...

Hi guys -

My relievers-only strategy has hit a bump in the road today with Izzy, Bell and Broxton getting some tap today.
Could I rely on eith Gaudin, Boof or Hammel to pull back some ERA and WHIP tomorrow?
Also Corpas has just hit the wire in my league - and I ahve the #1 waiver spot.
Should I?

Mike Bock said...

Cole Hamels? Why would you want to bench him?

I don't think I'd use the number one waiver pick on Corpas if I'm already stocked with five or six releivers.

Steve said...

Not Cole Hamels - Jason Hammel!

Although, eerily, my opponent this week has Hamels...

Have grabbed Gaudin for Wed - any love for Sonnastine (v Toronto), or Greg Smith (v Twins) on Thursday?

Mike Bock said...

If you're going to look for favorable matchups, do it in the NL, not with AL East/Central starters.

No, I'm not high on Sonnastine or Greg Smith. Unless you're in a super deep league, you should be able to do better.

Steve said...

Thanks Mike - Jurrens @ Mets or Sanchez v Reds are possibilities on Friday. Which do you like better?

Mike Bock said...

I'm not a huge fan of either matchup, actually. I certainly don't want any part of Jurrjens starting on the road in New York. I'd prefer Sanchez with the possibility of his striking out Adam Dunn, Corey Patterson, and Edwin Encarnacion twelve times. Each.

Steve said...

Well I wouold have...

I picked him up and everything. And then dumped him for Cantu when I read Howard was sitting for a couple of days.

Then s;omeone else beat me to him. Agony was doubled by the shelling that Leo Nunez and Izzy got yesterday...